You are Sacred Self Care Accountability Program
                 (3 month one-on-one self care support)

Dear Joya,

Do you find it much easier to keep promises to someone else than to yourself?

Do you benefit from guidance and structure?

Would you like support in being who you are, dealing with yourself kindly, and in learning how to be an even more awesome version of yourself?

Would you like support in surrounding yourself with people and thoughts that allow you to hold feelings of fear, shame and failure, and still move towards what you love, so you can be kind and focused and stay the course?

Do you have a chronic tape in your head that tells you, "I'm bad, or messing up, underperforming, not living up to what I could or should do, disappointing people."

Do you ever feel lost?

What would it be like if you began every day with intention and clear goal setting, some movement, good nutrition, being early for things, removing the fear of failure, having a plan in place, and staying oriented?

Would you like to free up a lot of space in your mind, be in direct contact with your life and with other people, have the flexibility of mind to deal with things that come up that are not in that plan, and feel okay with the way that you handle them?

Or have a sense of inner resourcefulness that you can draw on and that self efficacy of being able to say, "Whoa, that just happened, okay, what's next?"

What I like to call the secret sauce.

Would you like to let go of all the "shoulds" that keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward?

 "I should have done this, I should have reached out promptly, I should have asked the right questions, I should have given this deliverable, I should have done more legwork before asking a question, or asking for help." 

And instead move forward from a place of accepting where you are?

Would you like to stop getting sidetracked by thoughts of, "How did I get myself here?" And, "This is going to keep happening." Thoughts that spin out into avoiding the discomfort, which then leads to losing sleep and time -- an exhausting cycle.

And instead have the ability to stay with discomfort, thereby saving a ton of time and energy.

Would you like to have the resources to get the things done that need to get done, to communicate clearly and effectively, to let go of assumptions that things or people should be a certain way, and to make requests and ask for what you need with ease, rather than feeling like a b-tch when you do?

How would it feel not to give up on yourself? And instead when you make a mistake say, "Okay, now what?" Or, like in improv, "Yes, and..."

To trust yourself more, and to have more kindness, bravery and joy in your life?

How would it feel to be lovingly (and firmly), held accountable for taking care of yourself daily?

What would it feel like if every single day you committed to your self care?

Now imagine committing for 3 months to your self care and working one on one with a Sacred Self Care Couch (me!), who holds you lovingly and firmly accountable to taking care of yourself every day, who supports and guides and listens to you, and creates the container you need to make self care a priority.

My 90 day You are Sacred Self Care Accountability Program is designed to help you consistently commit to your self care so you start each day refreshed, energized and focused, do what you love and what nurtures, supports and inspires you daily, take care of your beautiful body, spirit, heart and mind (it's a holistic program that addresses all aspects of your being), and let go of what's holding you back from living your deepest and most fulfilling life.

This is one-on-one work personalized uniquely for you, focusing on what best supports you with, and holds you accountable to, your self care.

With the You are Sacred Self Care Accountability Program you'll receive:

  • A 3 hour Intensive (on zoom or over the phone), to supercharge our work together and create a personalized strategy for you.
  • Daily self care accountability check ins from me. I call them love notes. I'll be there every step of the way to help you commit to your self care and to answer any questions you have
  • 3 private 45 minute calls or over zoom sessions with me each month where I provide you with more support, strategies and accountability
  • Unlimited (within reason:) email and text access to me, so you can reach out whenever you get stuck or need support or even want to share the difference consistently committing to self care makes in your life!

Remember, this is a practice. 

It's not about perfection. There's already way too much pressure to be perfect, and that expectation is both unrealistic and harmful. 

You are Sacred Self Care Accountability is not about fixing yourself, it's about being true to yourself, moment by moment, day by day, week by week...

Which, ultimately, is priceless.

It's about your one wild and precious life. 

Invest in yourself today. Because you are so freakin' worth it. And it's time to make a commitment to taking care of you.

My You are Sacred Self Care Accountability Program is about creating a framework of support and daily accountability to guide you in your journey of self love, exploration, and coming home to the true teacher that resides within you.

And, because you're a longtime student who I absolutely love working with, I'm giving you a $300 discount on the regular price of this phenomenal program! Yay!

Normally this specialized, in depth program is offered for $1,297, but for you the investment is only $997, and includes the option of paying in 3 monthly installments of $397.

So for only $397 you can begin the You are Sacred Self Care Accountability Program today!

I can't wait to work with you! You are beautiful, beloved, and sacred.

Love yourself, dear Joya. 

You are Sacred Self Care is all about you, with me as your personal one-on-one teacher, guide, and coach, helping you each step of the way. Let's do this together.

Om shanti, peace