Take a breath and touch your heart

Enter your heart space

Let go of judgment, criticism, overwhelm, fear. Just for this moment. 

Step closer, love. Into your heart. Into your life.

Now imagine starting each day calm, centered, present, and fully connected to how you want to show up for yourself and others.

Imagine taking heart breathing breaks throughout the day, just a few moments of taking a breath and touching your heart when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and disconnected?

Imagine at the end of the day returning to your heart space with a sweet practice centered on connecting to your heart - whether by strengthening it, softening it, listening to it, or creating compassionate boundaries that support it? 

Do you feel a deep desire to slow down?

But also a resistance to doing so? As if slowing down could be dangerous?  As if it's something to be ashamed of?

When did fast become a badge of honor and slow a demerit? 

There's a saying out there that goes "do less to get more done." But maybe that completely misses the point. Instead of slowing down to get more done, slow down to slow down. Slow down to rest from doing and drop into being.

Something magical and transformative happens when we allow ourselves to just be.

When we connect daily to our heart space.

When we disconnect from the constantly plugged in world.

Here's a quote from Dr. Susan Steinbaum, a cardiologist

I invite you to enter the heart space with me over the next 6 weeks.

For the darker, colder, and frenetic holiday season of November through December.

This is a simple, powerful, doable practice created for the full lives we all have. There is one retreat day (or half day), that I encourage you to take, but otherwise you'll receive morning, midday and evening practices from me 3 days a week that you can do throughout the week and that benefit from repetition. 

In Enter the Heart Space you'll practice

  • self compassion, loving kindness and RAIN meditations
  • awakening, opening, strengthening & softening your heart
  • cultivating healing boundaries to protect & honor your heart
  • listening to the intuitive & deep wisdom of your heart
  • learning how to trust your heart, & surrender to the Deeper Love (Universe, God, Light, Energy, Buddha), that is all around you
  • forgiving yourself & others for heart break 
  • accessing your heart when you're triggered so you respond from love instead of fear
  • healing the heart of past trauma & wounds
  • take a deep breath & touch your heart midday pauses 
  • a powerful & simple journal exercise to deeply connect to your heart

Let's just say this is the course I wish someone had offered me....

Officially Enter the Heart Space begins November 18th and ends December 31st, but you have lifetime access to the course, and are welcome to go at your own pace.

Imagine remaining connected to (and living from), your heart during the holidays and the colder, darker days.

Imagine beginning the new year deeply connected to your heart.

Enter the Heart Space is a $297 investment but until midnight of November 18th I'm offering you a special $100 discount.

Until midnight of November 18th you can join Enter the Heart Space for $197.

And, you have 30 Days to try it out! If after a month of practicing Enter the Heart Space you decide for whatever reason that it's not for you, you can request your money back, no questions asked.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If Enter the Heart Space, for whatever reason, doesn't end up working out for you, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase! You have a whole month to try it out and see.

Slow down. Breathe. Soften. Forgive. Let go. Connect to your deepest joy. Your deepest love. Your deepest self.

Live from your heart.

I invite you to join me on a 6 week journey of returning, committing to, and living from your heart.

Begin that journey by clicking on the button below.