How to Move Your Beautiful Body Every Day

Do you find that no matter how many times you tell yourself you're going to start exercising, it just doesn't stick?

Or you exercise diligently for a week, or two weeks, maybe even a month or two, but then something happens (you go on vacation, you end up spending all of your time on a big work project or deadline, you get stuck on the computer), and poof, you're not exercising any more?

Here are the best ways to commit to moving your beautiful body every day:

1) Do it first thing 

As soon as you get up. Or right after your morning routine, which is what I do. In fact, it's part of my morning routine. And I don't allow myself to get involved in any time consuming projects, or the next thing I know it's 7pm and I still haven't exercised!

Exercise first thing in the day!

2) Reward yourself

My first cup of coffee for the day is my reward. Right after I work out I grind some beans and brew a fresh pot of french press. And it tastes so much better after working out. Yum.

3) Keep it simple

If you're short on time keep your workout to 30, 20, 15, 10 or even 5 minutes! You can run up and down the stairs or jump rope, or practice some yoga moves. But do something, because every little thing adds up and makes a difference. Just 5 minutes will make you feel good, I promise!

4) Write it down on your calendar and cross it off when you've exercised

The crossing off will be so satisfying, and if you don't do it and can't cross it off, it's going to stare at you all day, reminding you that you didn't take that much needed time to commit to your self care, health, and well being.

5) Listen to music you love and that gets your body ready to move!

Play tunes that pump you up and make you want to run or bike or hike or hit the gym or hold plank for a full minute. 

6) And finally, rest!

Give yourself at least one day of rest, especially if you work out or exercise for more than an hour a day.

You don't have to do nothing on your day of rest, just make sure you keep it sweet and easy, a more gentle and low key day.

This is important not only for your body but also for your mind, heart, and soul.

We all need slow, restorative, daydreaming, meandering like days. Saturday is my slow day. I call it Dani day ๐Ÿ™‚

Over the last year and a half of recording yoga videos, my favorite recording also happens to be my favorite yoga practice, moon salutations.

If you'd like a yummy flow to move your beautiful body to, here's my 16 minute Nectar of the Moon Flow Yoga Fix.


Do you struggle with exercising regularly?

Or, are you a committed exerciser who (if you're like me), finds herself doing a lot of the same exercises (like running, hiking, biking)?

Then check out the Let's Get Physical! Module at Sacred Self Care Immersion!

It includes two whole weeks of Pilates & Yoga!

Pilates and Yoga are two of the most powerful exercises you can do.

Lately, the NY Times can't stop raving about yoga.

And here's a fun & informative 3 minute video about the health benefits of yoga from the health nerd:

And Pilates! Well, the following is from a mindbodygreen article, written by Jennifer Kries, a long time Pilates instructor.

"Pilates is unmatched in the arena of total body toning and conditioning, and nothing, and I mean nothing, helps you create powerful abs the way Pilates can.

Pilates is a gentle but challenging, gravity-defying system of physical conditioning that focuses on body placement and increasing awareness of your capabilities and untapped resources. It changes your body and makes it longer, leaner and stronger.

Pilates is so effective, and so powerful, that when taught properly, it makes your entire body stronger and more flexible in no time at all. People report dropping a dress size and inches in mere weeks.

Pilates is also an incredibly effective cross-training tool. It makes any sport you love even better. Pilates exercises not only strengthen the weaker muscles and give the dominant muscles a break by demanding that you work symmetrically, they also make you more aware  of your body, enhancing coordination, balance, power and precision.

Pilates improves alignment and breathing and increases efficiency of movement, which translates into less effort, greater power and grace in your game, whatever that may be.

Every movement emanates from the core, and since our โ€œcoreโ€ is also the seat of our emotions, the exercises themselves help to truly "center" and balance you.

When you learn the advantage of paying attention to the energy, flow and rhythms in your exercises and see how pushing or forcing is counterproductive, you begin to apply this notion to the rest of your life.

When you focus your attention on the moment and act in harmony with time, you experience inner peace and fulfillment. By staying in the present, you can do less, yet gain more."

The above sentence could just as easily describe Sacred Self Care Immersion...

Sacred Self Care Immersion is about making your commitment to self care easier and more focused, keeping you grounded in the present, so you can do less yet gain more with:

  • a variety of tools to shift your perspective, so you can experience inner peace and fulfillment, 
  • regular and loving reminders to take care of you,
  • weekly meditations & yoga nidra practices,
  • yoga & pilates exercises to strengthen your core, stretch out your body, strengthen your immune system, and release stress
  • structure and accountability to keep you committed to your self care (mind, body, heart and soul),
  • 6 months of supportive community
  • and more...


With Sacred Self Care Immersion, in 6 months or less, you'll become a self care superhero, living a life you love, and shining your light out in the world...

What are you waiting for?

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