Self Care Summer Camp Q&A + The Three Pillars of Self Care Training

I left out the Q&A section at the end of this recording to protect people's privacy, but answer the FAQs later on this page - just scroll down to see them. 

If you have any other questions please contact me at The Replay (& access to Self Care Summer Camp) expire in....

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You missed out!

Feel calm, centered & confident every day! 

A step by step path to consistently commit to your self care and reclaim abundant ease, energy, and joy while making a difference in the world.

Welcome to Self Care Summer Camp!

Welcome to Self Care Summer Camp with a super simple and powerful step by step path to commit to your self care with ease in just ten minutes a day so that you consistently feel calm, connected, and centered (no matter what's going on in your life or the world).

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want a consistent self care routine that helps you be calm, centered, focused, self confident, and at ease...but it seems like you've tried everything and nothing works, so you feel stuck. You're not sure what to do next and wish you had a mentor to give you a clear plan.
  • You'd like to have a regular sleep schedule and consistently feel well rested with plenty of energy to take care of what you want and need to do...but you feel like you have to do things perfectly and get caught up in worry and anxiety which makes it hard to fall asleep or sleep well. You're tired of being pulled in a million directions and wish you knew how to prioritize your self care and finally get some sleep! 
  • You want to feel secure, joyful, confident, and resilient...but you spin out into cycles of overworking, avoiding, self blame, and self criticism. Sometimes you just feel burned out! You'd like to know you're not alone, and to be encouraged in accepting yourself just as you are (no matter how challenging your life or world events are).
  • You'd like a daily meditation practice, deeper connections with like minded people, and more exercise...but work commitments and other distractions get in the way and your self care is not consistent. You want a simple, easy, and short (as in as little as 10 minutes a day) self care plan with accountability and support from others who also value self care.

Let me Cut to the Chase...

You've got what it takes!

You’re not lacking anything, my friend, and you’re NOT alone.

So many of us struggle with self care (especially now), but once you learn how to effectively and consistently commit to your self care (in as little as 10 minutes a day), with a group of like minded folks who are showing up for their self care right alongside you, your joy, confidence, wellbeing, mental and physical health, self love, and energy will grow exponentially!

And here's why this is so important:

Chronic anxiety and depression are skyrocketing.

According to the World Health Organization the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25% increase in anxiety and depression worldwide.

We feel more isolated, stressed, overwhelmed, heartbroken, and powerless than ever.

Right now self care is not a luxury, it's a necessity, not only for our wellbeing, but also for our survival.

And self care doesn't have to be hard! There's an easy, simple, even fun way to commit to your self care that deepens your connection to yourself and others, and prioritizes rest & joy!

Stop Struggling & Start Thriving

While you dream of consistently committing to your self care & creating a life of abundant ease, energy, & joy, you don't have to figure out how on your own.

Imagine what it would mean if you could easily start your day feeling calm, connected, and centered no matter what's going on in your life?

Imagine what it would feel like to have the peace of mind and confidence to know you’ve got a simple and powerful self care plan to support you? 

Imagine committing to your self care every day in a way that feels easy and fun and takes only ten minutes?

No more guessing… No more fits and starts… No more wasted time, effort and money as you try to figure out what to do next in a vacuum!

Just step-by-step guidance that’s both proven and effective for consistently committing to your self care and creating a life of abundant ease, energy, and joy.

All of this is possible and I want to show you how…

Hi! I'm Dani Dunckley

True Fulfillment Self Care Coach + yoga teacher & best selling author.

I've been featured in publications such as Marie Claire, Thrive Global, Women in Wellness, Wellbeing Magazine, Start Your Business & Authority Magazine.

After 15+ years of liberating heart centered professionals from the curse of “putting everyone else first” and the myth of “self care is selfish,” I know, without question, that the only way to show up for others is by showing up for yourself and the biggest gift you can give to the world is to stay true to what lights you up and turns you on so that you experience abundant ease, energy and joy each day.

Don't Struggle with Self Care in a Bubble!

Get the coaching, step-by-step path and hands-on support you need to commit to your self care consistently—one that helps you thrive in body, mind and spirit.

That’s where I come in…

I want to help you fast track your growth, so you can get out of the weeds of overwhelm and onto a simple path to self care success.

I fully believe that you can create a nourishing and wildly abundant life, just like I have. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to go deeper, the solution is at your fingertips!

Commit to your self care today

It’s time to find a new way to consistently commit to your wellbeing. One that allows you to nurture yourself the same way you nurture your clients, students, family and friends.

It’s time to start a step by step self care plan that flows with ease, shedding the stress and the strain for a model of authentic connection and sustainable success.

It’s time for vibrant health—in mind, body and soul.

It's time to thrive.

Introducing.... Self Care Summer Camp!

Self Care Summer Camp is a fun, hands on twelve week program for folks who are ready to consistently commit to their self care in a way that is super simple, powerful, doable, and FUN!

Self Care Summer Camp is a virtual, live experience. Because I know you’re busy, we’ll keep it to just 10 minutes a day, all you need to get results immediately.

During this powerful online immersion, I’ll walk you through the four key areas you need to know inside out to consistently commit to your self care and feel abundant ease, energy, and joy -- and to thrive.

You’ll master starting the day calm, connected, and centered, releasing stress throughout the day, ending the day feeling relaxed, sleeping well each night, and learn the secrets of committing to your self care with consistency and ease—without this, you will struggle!

Plus, we’ll kick off our time together with a core session on building your self care success mindset—because self care that is sustainable and enjoyable starts with YOU!  

And because I’m committed to helping you expedite your self care and wellbeing, you’ll have direct access to me during the entire experience, as well as opportunities to connect with and support each other!

If you’re ready to consistently commit to your self care and savor your dream life—one that helps you thrive in mind, body, and soul—Self Care Summer Camp is for you.


What students say

I turned on your morning meditation and wow, I loved it. Thank you for your gentle and powerful voice, and for sharing your relaxing, grounding meditation with me. I feel more at peace and ready to greet my day. I also feel in my body, balanced, grounded, more calm, and present. Thank you so much. What you offer is beautiful, simplistic, incredibly helpful and generous. I love it so much!

KAREN POLANCHEK - Nutritionist

Your meditations, teachings, and self care support is beyond what I expected. I still have positive vibes from our last zoom call. I came to zoom my mind racing with all I had to do & how I could get it done and left feeling centered & relaxed. Thank you, Dani!


Here's some of the juicy goodness in SCSC Self Care Summer Camp.

Self Care is Your Superpower 

Bust through the most common self care roadblocks—including self criticism, perfectionism (AKA procrastination), and a fear of not being enough so you can meet your goals with total confidence.

Pillar 1 Magnificent & Magical Mornings

Commit to a morning routine for just 10 minutes a day that will set you up for magic! Prepare to feel magnificent as you start your day from a place of calm, compassion, and confidence.

Pillar 2 Delight in Your Days

Take your day from scattered to delightfully disciplined, and shake off any stress that accumulates throughout the day so you feel energized and engaged with your work, yourself, and others! 

Pillar 3 Effortless, Enjoyable Evenings

End the day feeling at ease, releasing all effort and enjoying yourself as you relax, restore, and replenish so that you fall asleep easily, sleep soundly, and wake up refreshed.

What Students Say

Jen Thompson

Lymphatic massage therapist

Dani powerfully expresses simple truths and life lessons. And she has enormous empathy for the suffering of others. She does a wonderful job of creating a safe space, which is crucial for inner exploration.

Dani's self care support meets my needs on multiple levels, and is a well rounded way to take care of your whole self.

I love the in depth teachings, yoga nidra, and meditations and I'm so very grateful for Dani's beautiful offerings!

Laura Lowery

Founder of Lucia Magazine

I come to Dani for an understanding ear and support for following my intuition and heart. She offers substantial value to others who are seeking healing.

Sarah Baldwin


I struggle with my inner monologue, and with denying fear and anger, which turns into depression. When I don't take care of myself I feel overwhelmed, sad, irritable, and experience cycles of insomnia.

With Dani's Self Care Courses I've been committing to my self care every day and feel happier and calmer. I also feel more able to figure out what I can actually have an impact on, and let go of what I can't control.

Thank you so much, Dani!

Your experience includes...

Expert Coaching on the specific tools and techniques I’ve used to supercharge my self care and wellbeing. And an Implementation Guide to guide you through every step of this live experience—including your summer camp step by step path, space to take notes, and what to check off as done!

Two LIVE ten-thirty minute experiential self care sessions with me each week to keep you accountable and supported by me and your fellow SCSC members! As well as other bonus live & recorded calls such as Q&A, yoga, and exercise/movement classes. Yum!

Ongoing support from me and your fellow self care summer campers so even when we're not practicing live together we've got each other's back. Self care support buddy, anyone? Let's do this together! (Unless you prefer to go solo, which is totally cool too).

An online portal with all the recordings so even if you can't (or prefer not to) make it live you can practice anytime. (Again, the practices are short, just 10 minutes a day, so it's totally doable and super effective)!

You'll also get these incredible bonuses!

Three Months of Private Coaching with Dani!

($900 value)

When it comes to self care what each of us struggles with is unique, and can also feel overwhelming. You're not alone if you sometimes find it hard to figure it all out. With this powerful bonus you'll go from overwhelmed, exhausted, and lost to knowing exactly what you need to do to overcome your unique struggles and experience true fulfillment in your one, precious life (in a way that is individually tailored specifically for YOU).

This powerful bonus is yours FREE when you enroll for Self Care Summer Camp by 11:59pm ET on June 29.

Lifetime Access to the Come Back to Calm Meditation Challenge

($197 value)

If you could benefit from more ease and less stress or anxiety, this challenge will help you make an important shift in how you respond to the unfolding of your life.

In each 20 minute video I will give you strategies and tools to help you lessen your stress (in just seconds), feel more refreshed and increase the joy and ease in your life, so that you can come back to calm no matter how challenging things are.

Let's be clear up front. Meditation doesn't take a lot of time, but if you invest a little every day, it will change your life.

This powerful bonus is yours FREE when you enroll for Self Care Summer Camp by 11:59pm ET on June 29.

Thank you so much, Dani! You've brought a space of refuge and grounding connection to a tough day. I love the strength and inspiration you offer, and I really appreciate your teaching. You provide the nexus of everything I was searching for. Working with you has helped me more than years of therapy!

dr. joya mukerji



what are the dates for self care summer camp?    

Self Care Summer Camp (SCSC) is from June 30th - September 9th. We kick off with a LIVE Orientation and Set Yourself Up For Success Mindset Call on Thursday the 30th at 12pm EST. Can't make it live? No worries! You'll have access to the recording.

when & where do the live calls meet?

From 6/30-7/22 for Month 1 we'll meet on zoom every Monday & Friday at 9:30am EST for a live ten minute guided meditation practice to start the day. 

7/25-8/19 for Month 2 we'll meet on zoom every Monday & Friday time TBD for our ten minute midday pause practice

8/22-9/9 for Month 3 we'll meet on zoom every Monday & Friday time TBD for our ten minute rest & relax evening/later in the day unwind practice.

If you can't make it live, all live calls will be recorded for you to practice on your own. 

what if i can't attend all the sessions live?

No worries! You’ll be able to keep all the content and recordings so you can refer to the material on your own time.

how much time will self care summer camp take each week?

All I'm asking you to commit to is ten minutes a day -- although you're welcome to do more -- but ten minutes each day (Monday-Friday) is all you need to benefit from this program.

do you offer a refund?

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after our first live group coaching session. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me at and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund

I've got a question you haven't answered. where can i go to get an answer?

 That’s easy! Just email me at with your question and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Limited Time Over 60% Off pricing plan

Self Care Summer Camp is currently the most inexpensive way to personally work with me, while also receiving step-by-step support, a built-in community, and a proven path to deepen your self care practice.

Until midnight of June 29th your investment to join is a $99 monthly commitment for three months. Or, save $80 (over 25%) when you INVEST in full!  

Best value



Invest in a one time payment and save $80! Comes with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Flex pay



Sign up for a monthly plan for three months for more flexibility. Includes a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This limited time offer expires soon!

The Self Care Summer Camp Special of over 60% off the regular investment is only available until midnight of June 29th. 

And I REALLY want you to reap the enormous benefits of the simple, streamlined, powerful and easy self care system I'm offering!

The investment will increase to a one time payment of $697 (or three monthly payments of $259) after midnight of June 29th. 

Right now you can receive the entire program (when you pay in full) for LESS THAN the cost of one monthly payment.

So don’t wait! Take advantage of this amazing offer while it’s still available!

Another important thing I need to mention is this:
You’re Completely Protected By My 100% Risk-Free
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee


You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after our first LIVE Call. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Are you ready to thrive?

When you sign up for SCSC by midnight of June 29th not only will you lock in your super sweet savings but I’ll also teach you the skills and proven methods you need to consistently commit to your self care with ease.

Are you ready to be free of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, burnout?

To feel calm, confident, centered, connected to joy and your most authentic, vibrant, real, and freakin beautiful self every single day?

I realized I needed to work with Dani when I caught myself arguing with myself about not being able to fit self care into my work schedule. Before working with Dani my whole life was work, and it got so bad that my Doctor told me I had to take care of myself or I'd get seriously sick. After working with Dani I committed to my self care daily and feel lighter, happier, healthier, and more empowered.

I also lost someone close to me recently and I finally realized that I need to stop and smell the roses before my life is over. And it wasn't until working with Dani that I was able to grieve the loss of my father.

Working with Dani has made such a difference in my life. In fact, I'd say that it has saved my life.

Beth newman


Still on the fence?

I know change can be scary.

It requires stepping out in faith into the unknown.

But imagine yourself three months from now…

Do you want to be celebrating because you’ve finally come home to your whole self, feel calm, centered, and present, have a self care practice that supports you each day and instead of self judgment, criticism, and second guessing feel abundant ease, energy & joy?

Or do you want to be stuck trying to break through the same barriers you’re struggling with now?

Self Care Summer Camp is designed to help you create a vibrant, present, fulfilling life. It really is possible.

The time for you to step forward into your future and commit to getting the support you need to replenish your energy, reclaim your time and release anxiety is now. If not now… when?

Just imagine the life that’s waiting for you on the other side of that decision… the ease & calm you'll experience, the fulfillment you’ll feel and the freedom you’ll be able to enjoy.

So decide today that you’re done waiting, done hesitating. And make this the day that you commit to a life you deeply love.

You can do it, and I'm here to help.

Come thrive with us!