Does this story sound familiar to you?

Hi, I’m Dani Dunckley, (MA, RYT,) yoga teacher and Sacred Self Care teacher, guide, and coach.  And I’m sitting here in my bedroom in Yonkers, NY, where I grew up, to ask you a few questions. 

Do you struggle with anxiety? 

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? 

Do you find that when you do wake up in the morning you feel stressed, anxious, stuck, or afraid? 

And you don’t even really know why you feel the fear or the anxiety, it’s just sitting there. 

And you’re lying there in bed thinking to yourself, “I’ve got to get up, I should meditate this morning or I should journal this morning, or I should do some yoga or go to the gym or do some exercise or go for a run this morning.” 

“I should have a healthy breakfast, I should take time to just be quiet and be with myself before the day begins so I’m setting up the day from a place of calm, centeredness and energy, and just being present. 

I don’t want to be running around and rushing out my door again because I keep on doing that and I know that I should get up. “

But you don’t. 

You just lie there. 

And then when you finally do get up you only have a half an hour, maybe even less, to get dressed, to take a shower, to eat something, to get out the door, to make the train or get in your car, and not be late. 

You’re running behind and the day hasn’t even really started and that just ups the anxiety that you woke up feeling, and that ups the stress and that ups the fear and the feeling of being stuck. 

You rush out of bed.

You rush to the shower.

You rush to put on your clothes.

You have clothes all over the place.

You trip over the dog.

You trip over the cat.

You trip over your shoes.

You curse. Feel like crap. You barely have time to stuff something in your mouth as you walk out the door.

You’re running to your car, you’re running to the train, and then if you’re driving to work you’ve got that drive to work, and it’s a commute, and who likes that?  

And during the commute you’re just feeling again that stress rising as your shoulders lift up to your ears, and you’re thinking to yourself,

“I don’t want to be in my car right now, I don’t want to be spending time commuting to work, I want to be out in the mountains, I want to be hiking, I want to be practicing yoga, I want to be meditating, I want to be writing, I just want to be breathing and feeling and being and instead I’m in my car with all these other cars and I’m stuck in traffic and I’m going to work.” 

And then you get to work and you’re hit with all these things to do and there are too many things to do and there’s no way you’re going to get them all done that day.

On top of that you also feel imposter syndrome and you think to yourself,

“I don’t really belong here, I can’t cut this, one of these days and maybe it’s today they’re going to find out, the people I work with, maybe my boss, is going to find out that I’m an imposter, I don’t really know WTF I’m doing.”

Stress, stress, stress, overwhelm. 

And you’re running behind, and you’re hungry, and maybe you’re over caffeinated so you’re buzzing and you’re stressed. 

The whole day is just a buildup of stress. And by the time you finally leave work you are exhausted. And you’re more stressed. And you think to yourself,

“I know I should go to the gym now, or I should go for a run now, or I should take a hike now, or I should take a yoga class now, I should meditate now,” but you’re just too tired. The thought of doing any of those things is exhausting.

So you get back in your car and you go back home and you just sit on your couch, you can’t even get up, you’re just wiped out. 

And then you have trouble getting to sleep at night because you’re so stressed and you haven’t been eating well during the day, or really eating much at all, and you haven’t exercised, and you haven’t meditated, and you haven’t even really breathed. 

And maybe you’ve taken your work home with you and you’re up until 3 am working, or you’re on the computer, or you’re online, or you’re just lying in bed awake, which is horrible. 

And it starts all over again. 

And just sharing this with you, just talking about this with you, I can feel my stress level rising, I can feel my anxiety rising, I can feel my heart rate going up, and it does not feel good, and I know that I don’t want to live my life like this and I know I don’t want you to live your life like this. I don’t want anyone to live their precious, sacred life like this. 

But I also want you to know that you are not alone. 

So many of us experience stress, anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion. So many of us feel stuck and start the day rushing to work and end the day wiped out on our couch wondering where the f…. our day went and wishing we had taken time to take care of ourselves.

I worked with a student this morning and she shared with me that when she wakes up in the morning she feels so anxious and she feels so stressed and she was actually on IG this morning and saw a story about another woman who wakes up feeling filled with anxiety. 

So many of us experience this. 

And it is an isolating feeling. 

But the majority of us are feeling stressed and anxious. You are not alone. 

After I worked with my student this morning she felt so much better. She was light, she was happy, she was ready to start her day and she was starting her day from a place of feeling energized and feeling calm and feeling present and feeling focused and feeling good. Let’s all do that for ourselves. Because we all can. 

Does this story sound familiar to you? 

Do you struggle with anxiety, with fear, with getting out of bed in the morning, with getting to sleep at night, with doing what you love and want to do, with following your heart and trusting yourself, with knowing that you are good enough, you are not an imposter, you are where you need to be and where you worked to be? 

If so then I want to remind you that you earned where you are. You earned this. You’re kick ass. You’re badass. Whatever you’re doing you’re doing because you can do it, because you’re good at it. I guess my question would be are you doing it because you want to do it? 

What do you want to do? 

What do you long to do? 

What are you not doing that you wish you were? 

And what do you need to do so that that shifts? How do you need to be in your life and in your heart so that that shifts? 

Because that’s what I do. 

I’ve been teaching yoga for 15 years, I’ve been working with students, with clients for fifteen years. I help people commit to and prioritize their self care, and I want to help you. 

Right now I’m offering free 30 minute sacred self care discovery sessions on the phone, thru zoom, thru Skype, or hey if you’re in the NYC area or in Westchester, in person, and I’m offering them thru the end of August, for the next couple of weeks. 

I invite you to pick up your phone, to go on Skype or zoom, to meet me in person if that is feasible, and talk with me about what you are struggling with, about what’s getting in your way, and about what you need to let go of, or what you need to re-shift or reshape, or how you need to think or feel about yourself to live a life where you feel energized and embodied and passionate and alive and centered and focused and relaxed.

To live a life where you have enough time to get what you need to get done, where you’re not always running behind or feeling like an imposter, where you love and cherish yourself as sacred because you are.  

I am so passionate about this and I am passionate about helping you the way that I help so many students. Please join me. Please call me. Please talk to me. It’s free. It’s 30 minutes. And I am here for you. 

You are not alone.