The Path of Love: Coming Home to Yourself

On our path of love journey we will explore the chakras, or energy centers, in our body. The chakras provide powerful tools for self exploration, awareness and coming home to ourselves.

The chakras are an ancient model that describe the human energy system in its various components. This model originated in India perhaps as long as 25,000 years ago.

Chakra means “wheel of light” and refers to the spinning vortex of energy created when magnetic energy from the molten core of the earth rises up and meets electric energy descending from the cosmos. This wheel, made up of both these forces, propels our life force.

The chakras influence our physical, emotional and mental states. Their health and integrity are maintained through a grounded lifestyle and positive and loving thoughts toward the self and the surrounding world.

The ancients modeled the chakra system on a complete acceptance that man and Earth were one and inseparable.

The chakras comprise various levels of awareness, activity, and energetic charge. For instance, the root chakra is red and has a very dense vibration. It affects our ability to be present in our body and produces the vitality that we need to stay alive.

The lower chakras fall into the category of magnetic energy, whereas the upper chakras are electrical in nature. The lower three chakras, which sit below the diaphragm, are known as the feminine chakras in that their function is specifically receptive. They take in energy from the earth and the immediate environment. They link us with Mother Earth and the events and qualities that tie us to family, clan, tribe, and community.

The upper four chakras are known as the masculine chakras. They are primarily concerned with giving energy out in the form of love, communication, healthy attitudes, and inner reflection. They link us with the source and become active as we become spiritual and capable of love.

These chakras are all interdependent. When one energy is shut down, others will compensate in maintaining the life force. They have defined boundaries that distinguish one from another. The various parts of the energy system are interlinked to maintain the continuum of life.

Here’s an illustration of the 7 chakras:

Before we begin with the first chakra, the root chakra, take a moment now to tune into your body and see if you can feel your chakras at work.

You may sense the prana energy centers very lightly, very intensely or not at all.

Whatever happens is ok.

  • First, start by making sure  you’re in a quiet space. If you can’t be right now, return to this exercise later. But if you can, sit quietly for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Let tension and stress slide away for just a moment. Just be in the moment, with your body.
  • Now, bring your attention to the base of your spine, your tailbone, and imagine a bright spinning red light. Feel it pulsing and rotating with your breath. Sit with that for a moment.
  • Move your attention up your spine to the area a couple of inches below your belly button. Feel the warmth of a bright, orange spinning light. Again, notice how it moves with your breath.
  • Guide your attention further up to a couple inches above your belly button. You’re probably familiar with this area, because when you feel strong emotions like love or fear, you likely feel it here. Notice how you can sense the intense yellow light rotating in that spot.
  • Bring your attention further up to the center of your chest where your heart is. This area harnesses a bright green light. When you’re touched or  moved, you might instinctively place your hand over this spot. Connect with that area now.
  • Then, bring your attention to your throat, the dip in between your collar bones. Imagine a bright blue light spinning in that area. You may feel the urge to swallow or clear your thorax as you think of it.
  • Next, move your attention up to the space on your forehead between your eyebrows, your third eye. This area holds a deep indigo rotating light. Imagine yourself becoming wiser as it spins and becomes brighter.
  • Finally, shift your attention to the very top of your head. Imagine a vibrant, spinning violet light that shines right out of the top of your body. This light connects you to the universe. Feel the peace that comes with noticing this light.

In Week 1 (December 10-16), we’ll explore the root chakra, the first chakra at the base of our spine.

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