How to be Wild and Wise




What is wild is all around us. Blooming in the sun and the warmth, budding and unfolding from the branches of trees and the earth. What is wild is also wise with a wisdom we once knew but have forgotten.

The seasons are a part of us, like the ebb and flow of the tide. Bees hibernate in the winter then awake in the spring, clumsy after their long sleep, drifting from flower to flower, bud to bud.

Trees that were once bare begin to blossom into verdant leaves or pink blooms. Birds sing riotously in the morning and the sun rises earlier and stays up later. What is wild sheds the darker colder days like a coat, moving into the warmer months naturally, joyously.

What is wild and wise is inside of us too. A deep thrum of joy and vibrancy, of prana as they say in yoga, life force. But we bury ourselves in busyness, in our to do lists and our worries, in the past that we carry with us like heavy winter coats.

Can we return to our deep ancient roots? Can we burst forth like the blossoms from trees with unfettered joy? Recognize in the sun and the wind and the rain the love that we are, the wild and the wise that we are?

We are not separate from this wild world but an intrinsic part of it.

Let’s open our hearts like buds in the spring. Let’s trust the wild call inside of us. Let go of the past and step into the present.

So many of my fears, what keeps me separate from the wild and the wise inside of me, are rooted in my past. It’s important that I recognize what triggers me, where my wounds are, but it is equally important that I recognize I am no longer that person. This moment right now has never happened before. And what happens next is up to what I do now, not what happened in the past.

In so many ways the past is what I remember it to be, a story I re-member. I use this story to define myself. This is both the good and the bad news. It’s harmful if I allow myself to stay trapped in that story (refusing to move from the winter to the spring), it’s transformative if I choose to re-frame my story in a way that is wild and wise and supports my inherent joy and love.

Everything we do matters. The personal is the political, each individual soul a part of the larger social fabric. And this is true for nature as well, each creature, each plant, a part of the larger whole.

I invite you to embrace what is wild and wise inside of you. To see yourself not as a product of your past, your to do lists and your busy days and worried minds, but as a part of this wild riotous world, messy, joyful, filled with the powerful thrum of prana, gentle, soft, prickly, drifting from bud to bud after deep sleep to drink in the nectar, singing in the new day, resting in the heat of the afternoon, letting your wild and wise body do what it was meant to do.

This doesn’t mean you’re always happy. It means you have the courage and the compassion to be where you are in each moment as it is, whether that’s feeling sad, ecstatic, vulnerable, tired, energetic or quiet. You follow what is wild and wise inside of you.

You are wild and wise just as you are.

Yes there are to do lists and responsibilities, there are wounds and pain from the past and fear about the future. But none of these are who you are.

In your deepest essence you are a part of nature, a part of the seasons.

In this natural ebb and flow of the world we are most deeply ourselves.

Wild and wise and a wellspring of vast love.