30 Day Self Care Accountability Package

Would you like to make some serious self care breakthroughs?

Or commit to the change you want to see in your life?

In this one month Self Care Accountability Package I'll guide you into a deeper exploration of what self care means to you, paying special attention to what gets in the way of taking care of yourself, from the day to day distractions, to the excuses that always seem to be readily available.

Most importantly, we'll explore where these excuses come from and why you feel as if you're not worthy of your own deepest love and support.

As you explore where your resistance to self care is rooted you can begin to gradually shift the limiting ways you think and feel about yourself and reframe the narrative to one of unconditional compassion and potential.

The 30 Day Self Care Accountability Package begins with two ninety minute Deep Dive Coaching Sessions with me, followed by two sixty minute One on One Self Care Accountability Sessions. In these sessions we'll create a self care roadmap just for you that you can follow step by step to achieve your goals, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, personally and professionally.

Included with these transformative One on One Self Care Accountability Sessions you also receive lifetime access to my signature online 30 Day Self Care Challenge Program.

For one whole month I'll hold you lovingly (and firmly), accountable to showing up for yourself every day.

For one month I'll be there to support you in committing to your self care, putting in place daily habits that honor and support you personally, professionally, mentally and emotionally, and helping you let go of what gets in the way of committing to your self care.

Recharge your batteries. Make time for yourself. Invest in you.

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