Dear ones,

Would you like to continue on the self care journey with me?

I'm offering a unique 6 week self care course called 

           The Path of Love: Coming Home to Yourself

Welcome to a sanctuary in your inbox…

  • Would you like to open your inbox in the mornings and find inspiring, heartfelt words on the chakra of the week, as well as a guided meditation & journal prompt waiting for you?
  • Would you like to continue to receive my support in your self care journey, and a practice you can incorporate into a busy lifestyle?
  • Would you like to have more energy, clarity, grounding and peace in your life?

I'm excited to offer a unique program that will give you the time and support for your daily practice, and the tools to take care of yourself, with a framework that supports you in healing and growth, peace, compassion, and loving kindness, as well as strength and flexibility!

The Path of Love is about creating a framework of support to guide you in your 6 week journey of self love, exploration, and coming home to the true teacher that resides within you.

What’s Included:

  • Daily 10-15 minute morning meditations each week
  • Daily journal prompts each week
  • Weekly 10-30 minute guided recorded yoga practices with me starting with the lower body (freeing the calves and feet) and making our way up to the heart (opening the heart) and the neck and shoulders (nurturing the neck and shoulders), as well as a 60 minute full body yoga practice focused on the chakra of the week each Sunday!
  • 1 Yoga Nidra recording teaching on the chakra of the week each week
  • Email access to me Sunday through Friday. If you have questions, thoughts, comments, challenges, or just need some extra support, I'll be there for you, and will reply to your email in 24 hours or less. 🙂

In this course you'll explore the 7 chakras (or energy pathways), in your body

Here is an overview of each week…

Week 1 Root chakra

  • Starting the path of love by grounding & coming home to yourself. Building a structure that supports and sustains your life.

     Week 2 Sacral chakra

  • Continuing with creativity & sensuality. The essence of the Sacral chakra is knowing that what you have and do is good enough. For your second week you'll practice finding the balance between control and letting go.

     Week 3 Solar plexus chakra

  • Exploring personal identity, inner knowing and gut instinct. Connecting to your true self, that part of you that is always whole and intact, and where truth, beauty, and freedom abide.

     Week 4 Heart chakra

  • Centering yourself in love. Recognizing your very nature is loving, kind, and respectful. Cultivating awareness of the sacredness of all things.

     Week 5 Throat chakra

  • Consciously committing to expressing your truth. Honoring your individuality.

     Week 6 Third eye & Crown chakras

  • Cultivating a strong and independent mind, clear and concise thought, and inner contemplation. Balancing grounded, logical thinking and intuitive, imaginative experience. In your final weeks you'll explore the power of the mind to transform your life, harness your vitality, and implement your dreams.
  • Connecting to the divine within you, to cosmic consciousness and universal energy. Honoring grace, beauty, serenity, and oneness with all that is...


This course will give you the tools to...

  • Open and ground your heart
  • Clear and focus your mind
  • Cultivate balance, calm, awareness and deep joy in your life
  • Improve your memory
  • Become physically stronger and more flexible
  • Help you sleep better
  • Reduce stress
  • Express & honor your truth.


A little + often = a lot...

It's the daily practice that makes the big difference.

And every one of these practices is something you can do with a busy lifestyle.

In fact, incorporating these practices into your life will increase your level of energy and productivity by improving the quality of your sleep, overall wellbeing and how you feel mentally and physically.

Simple, powerful practices.

Lifelong benefits.

I created The Path of Love to give you the tools and the support you need to commit to your self care. But if you feel like it's not helping you, you can request a full refund any time, for any reason.

So there's no risk.

Love yourself dear one.

Join me on the Path of Love and come home to yourself this winter.