Coming Home to Yourself with the Root Chakra

When you learn that you can master your own energy field, you begin to access a level of empowerment and vitality that enables you to find and fulfill your life purpose.

Understanding your energy system is the first tool to healing what may be out of balance in your life.

We all face times in life that challenge our resources and try our patience. Few people are taught to be internally resourceful when things go wrong. Developing our resources comes from living life and experiencing change.

The root chakra contains within its structure the underlying attitudes we have about the nature of life. If our ancestors struggled and found life perilous, we will inherit an underlying belief that life is hard and we must struggle. As the root chakra is affected by war, famine, and chaos, all human beings have some level of dysfunction in their root chakras.

Few people are truly grounded in a positive and loving sense of life.

Each time we are stressed or feel threatened we will react from that place within us where we fear the worst, doubt our chances for survival, and feel that we do not have a right to the life we say we want.

When we realize that the past has no hold over us, we are free to make our own interpretation of the events in our lives. We are encouraged to try harder, to take a stand for ourselves, and persevere.

We are far more than our family upbringing, our schooling, or our religious beliefs. We are more than our physical body, our emotional stability, and our mental framework about what we think life is.

When we expand our consciousness to include the substratum upon which life is based, which is a spiritual consciousness that is eternal, we can maintain equanimity amidst the changing tide of events that affect us.

When people exist entirely from their root chakras, they are aware only of the petty differences that divide people and nations. They fail to see the bigger picture of one people, one planet. Part of healing the root chakra is to eliminate a sense of difference. We open the root to be an anchor for our spirit and to manifest unity rather than separation.

A healthy root chakra is buoyant and flexible. It is adaptable and can remain grounded through changes.

Finding a steady and permanent connection with what is real and true can sustain us through change. Knowing the highest and most eternal truths about the Source can sustain us when our grounding is weak and our spirit diminished.

Creating a spiritual context in which to place our life experiences is emotionally sustaining.

The archetype for the root chakra is the Mother. She feeds, nourishes, and provides for our needs. When we honor her we honor ourselves. Loving and taking care of ourselves is how we become our own good mother. Learning to listen to and trust our needs and paying attention to what is good, wholesome and nourishing for us keeps us grounded. This helps us to live simply, honestly, and with integrity.

Healing our root chakra is learning that we can do more than our parents did and be more than they were able to be. We broaden our scope and expand our possibilities so that life grows rather than narrows.

We come home to ourselves by developing the inner qualities that the root chakra stands for (a spiritual belief in the goodness of life, trust, a sense of belonging, and a deep knowing that there is love, support, and care to get us through difficult times), so that we can adapt, make changes, and live creatively.


                              I Am Here Root Chakra Meditation

A grounding meditation to anchor us in the present moment and in ourselves, cultivating the inner qualities that the root chakra stands for.

                             Root Chakra Yoga Nidra for Grounding

This yoga nidra is a guided meditation that helps to release physical, mental and emotional tension by guiding you to feel more centered, calm, and grounded. In this yoga nidra you are also deeply connected to the Mother, the root chakra's archetype, and the earth (Mother Earth), the root chakra's element.

                                    Root Chakra Journal Prompts

These questions for the root chakra focus on stability, structure, patience and security. If you struggle in any particular area, cultivate patience and inwardly create these qualities over a period of time. They can be attained through your conscious awareness of their importance in your life.


  • Are you a patient person?
  • To what degree can you connect any impatience you experience with not being fully present for yourself?
  • Where do your courage, stamina, and grit come from?



  • Can you reflect on a time in your life when you felt supported and upheld?
  • Can you internalize that support and make it part of the structure of your life?
  • What do you feel is missing in your support system?



  • How stable do you feel your life is at this moment?
  • What do you define as stability for yourself?
  • Is stability a quality you are familiar with in your history?



  • How secure do you feel about your life?
  • Do you have a sense of direction about what would give you fulfillment and peace of mind?
  • Can you resonate with your highest good and trust that you will be secure when you do what fulfills your spirit?



And here's your 60 minute Root Chakra Yoga Practice