7 Day Sacred Self Care Adventure!

What would happen if for one week you committed to your self care?

If for 7 days you set aside time to take care of yourself, to slow down, breathe, be gentle and kind, and to cultivate compassion and tenderness for yourself?

What would happen if you committed each day for 7 days to meditating in the morning and going for a 10 minute walk outside, or practicing yoga inside. Or journaling, if that's what calls to you?

Then in the evening you release stress from the day, before even walking in the door, and let go of any residual holding from your body and mind before falling asleep.

Imagine sleeping deeply at night and waking up refreshed in the morning. Feeling focused and present at work and with your family and friends. 

How much is this worth to you? Is it worth $2.50 a day? Less than the price of coffee for many of us? Is it worth $17 to take care of yourself for a whole week?

This course is normally offered for $35, but with the Wellness Workshop Special you receive a greater than 50% discount! And have access to 7 Days of Sacred Self Care for only $17...

How sweet is that? 🙂

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 7 Days of Committing to Your Self Care

  Over the course of these 7 days you'll receive the tools to:

  • create time for yourself, especially with a crazy busy schedule
  • start the day by taking care of yourself, which will set the tone for your entire day, week and month (and eventually year and life)
  • slow down, relax & renew after a stressful day
  • commit to what gives you energy and let go of what depletes your energy
  • find your sweet spot, what uniquely honors you, & make going there a daily habit

During these 7 days of committing to your self care you'll receive:

  • Daily goal-setting & accountability check ins from me (I call them love notes:)
  • Daily guided meditations to prepare you for the day & help you sleep at night
  • 4 video lessons from me with PDF downloads of the lessons & exercises to implement what you learn, teaching you how to:
    • find your own morning ritual & make it a daily habit
    • create time for your self care no matter how busy you are
    • release unconscious patterns that steal your energy and focus on what gives you energy
    • make self care sacred to you by discovering your "sweet spot."

This 7 Day Sacred Self Care Adventure is not about perfection.

There's already way too much pressure to be perfect, and that expectation is both unrealistic and harmful. 

Your 7 Day Self Care Adventure is about being with yourself, moment by moment, day by day, week by week...

Which, ultimately, is priceless.

It's about your one precious life.

Invest in yourself today. Because you are so freakin' worth it. And it's time to make a commitment to taking care of you.

Sign up for just $17 today for the Wellness Workshop Special  🙂

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