Balancing Our Sacral Chakra, Part 2



The underlying theme of the sacral chakra is knowing what is enough.

This includes the food we put into our bodies, as well as what we do with our vital energy. Do you dissipate it by giving it away to people and situations that are not pleasurable? Knowing what you do with your physical energy on a daily basis can help you understand what you need for health and well-being. Looking at where you give your energy away can help you make some choices about replenishing it.

Recuperating from illness or abusive situations requires regenerating the sacral chakra. No one returns to health without developing a balanced outlook about the “doing-ness” of their lives. If we work too hard and are under constant stress, necessary vitality and well-being are lost from our energy centers.

Knowing when to stop, or when something is enough, is a very important boundary for maintaining health. If these boundaries do not naturally exist because of early abuse issues, it is wise to create them in your mind.

Knowing when something is enough can save vitality and health. The important issue is to know that who you are is enough. If someone does not acknowledge you for what you do, the unconscious inclination is to do more to please them. When we know that we are enough, then we make healthy decisions for our well-being.

Conservation of vitality comes with maturity. Physical regeneration and well-being begin by understanding that what we do and what we have are enough. Taking time out, or a daily rest, giving oneself the space to slow down is deeply nourishing, and essential for our health and happiness.

The body heals in sleep and tranquility. Burning up more adrenaline than one needs to creates serious health hazards.

If you want health it is important to know that the body regenerates with the proper stimulus. Energetic medicines such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, and hands-on healing restore natural vitality. Although allopathic medicines are sometimes necessary, they also give the body heroic doses of chemicals that require large quantities of energy to break down and assimilate, and disrupt the body’s natural balance.

Likewise, the food we eat has a significant impact on our health and well-being. Local, organic food is best, with minimal ingredients. Avoiding sugar, which causes inflammation, also helps our bodies be healthy and vital. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is important to remain hydrated throughout the day.

The sacral chakra functions best when there are optimal conditions for joy, relaxation, and pleasure. If the body is used as a beast of burden, it will wear out early and develop painful conditions from the strain. If the body is not given enough stimulation in the form of exercise, it becomes lazy and congested. What is good for the body is good for our energy.

This chakra thrives with a combination of healthy discipline and enough pleasure to ease out stress and tension in the body. It looks for natural solutions that honor the physical being and the spirit of a person. If the sacral chakra is looked after properly, the physical body can be vital and energetic for well into the senior years.



What Do I Need Right Now Meditation

Taking time to ask yourself what you need and to listen to the wisdom of your body, heart, and mind, is a powerful and vital way to balance your sacral chakra, and your life…





Yoga Nidra for Body Love

Relax into self compassion and unconditional love with this yoga nidra. Heal and honor your body as you drop into a place of deep stillness and love, witnessing what arises from this place without judgment, attachment or aversion. As we drop into the love that we are anything that is not love begins to fall away.





Sacral Chakra Journal Prompt

I invite you to compassionately and honestly explore the following three questions in your journal. If you struggle with any of them, with lovingkindness create ways that you can take care of yourself. They can be small and simple, and it’s ok if you don’t implement them right away. Listening to the wisdom of your body, how can you nurture your own well-being?



Do you look after your need for nutritious food and enough fluids?

Do you honor your body’s need for rest when you are tired?

How do you cope with the demands on your time and energy?