Press play to meet me, learn what to expect over the three days of this Come Back to Calm Challenge, what to do to prepare and commit to showing up, and how to set yourself up for an empowering Come Back to Calm Meditation Challenge experience.

Live Call Recordings

All live calls will be recorded and available to you here through June 26th.

What Others Say


I come to Dani for an understanding ear and support for following my intuition and heart. She offers substantial value to others who are seeking healing.

Laura Lowery 

 / Founder & Editor of Lucia Magazine


Dani powerfully expresses simple truths and life lessons. And she has enormous empathy for the suffering of others.  She does a wonderful job of creating a safe space, which is crucial for inner exploration.

Joy Thompson

/ Owner of wholebodytherapeutics


Thank you so much, Dani! You've brought a space of refuge and grounding connection to a tough day. I love the strength and inspiration you offer, and I really appreciate your teaching!

Joya Mukerji

/ PhD Biomedical Sciences, Harvard