My Yoga Nook

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Welcome to Dani’s Yoga Nook, where you can choose your own yoga & meditation adventure!

Invest in a monthly membership for only $20 a month and take as many of my classes as you like, anytime you like!

You can start the day with a 10 minute centering meditation, give yourself a 15 minute Nurturing Neck & Soothing Shoulders Yoga Fix in the middle of the day, then end the day with a vigorous 60 minute flow or gentle restorative class…

Perhaps you’d like to have a virtual private with me via zoom or Skype where I will not only assist you with the postures but also with the yamas & niyamas, guiding you in your practice of compassion, self study, and surrender…

Play, explore, rest, and drop into your center in the comfort of your home, in a hotel, at a friend’s house, in the park, on your deck, at the beach…

You’ll have access to my yoga nook almost anywhere you are & everywhere you go.

I’d love to be your yoga & meditation guide!

Your yoga & meditation adventure awaits…

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