Day 1 of Yoga Pilgrimage

“The practice begins with ourselves.” ~The Art of Paying Attention

As all true journeys do, we begin with ourselves.

Meditation is fertile ground for this journey that begins with ourselves. So much of our experience of life  comes from our perception of ourselves and thus our perception of reality.

Our idea of reality starts from the inside and is projected outward…

Changing one habitual thought pattern, taking one deep breath, taking time to sit with your sacred, beautiful, vulnerable, and tender self can change your perception of reality and your experience of life, can mean the difference between feeling stuck or feeling joy.

Can mean the difference between being attached to feeling a certain way, and creating loving space for being where you are, letting feelings come and go like waves…

In this morning’s meditation I invite you to be where you are with love. Let love be your ground.


Which leads me to my daily snapshot…

Part of lovingly shifting our self perception is recognizing that we are so much more than our individual “I”

We are intimately connected to all life, and taking a moment to look outside ourselves or rather re frame our perception of ourselves to include all beings, all of nature from quarks to the stars above us, can fill us with a deep sense of joy, gratitude and awe.

On my morning walk to the library I passed this stream and taking a moment to stop, listen and look filled me with a quiet, complete contentment.

As if all I needed to fill my heart was this stream, the sound of the water flowing, the sunlight shifting with shadow, the leaves falling from above, the stones the water passed over, the birds singing in the trees…

To see the movement & listen to the sound of water click here IMG_1485.TRIM

What did you see today? What moment filled you with contentment & peace? Send me an email or a text and let me know…

Finally, here’s the link to our live class this evening.

I encourage you to arrive about 5 minutes early to help us start on time.

Link to join flow & let go:

I am so looking forward to practicing with you again!