Balancing Our Solar Plexus Chakra, Part 1



Young adulthood and all new beginnings are governed by the solar plexus chakra.

At this time of life making mistakes is part of learning who we are. Each challenge faced helps develop other internal qualities that define selfhood. Confidence and self worth, as well as personal power, come from meeting the world on your own terms.

These qualities are a natural outflow of the choices we make for ourselves. In young adulthood we learn from trial and error and develop confidence in our ability to stand on our own.

Character formation does not come because of our family, our connections, or what we perceive to be our right: it comes out of our own personal experience of discovering who we are.

Personal power comes from having done something well with impeccable integrity. When we realize the discipline we put into making things happen in our lives, we choose a path to mastery and the cultivation of personal power.

Each time we finish a task, complete a course of action, or stand by someone when the odds are down, we add depth and quality to our personal power. These are all the qualities that define character.

Freedom of choice is the ultimate determination of the solar plexus chakra. The choice to be ourselves, to choose love, respect and kindness, and to do what we know is right is fundamental to a balanced and healthy solar plexus chakra.

We make good decisions for ourselves when we know our worth, have a sense of pride in our efforts, and feel confident about our abilities.

This is how personal power comes about. When all these components are in place, we are able to make balanced, self affirming choices that enhance freedom.


Below is a practical exercise to let you review some of the harmful attitudes associated with the solar plexus chakra. This exercise illustrates a way of reframing negative attitudes into more positive and life-affirming ones.



Negative attitudes: Any time we deny our essential worth, we give away our power and deplete this chakra. The foundation of the solar plexus chakra is an acceptance of our intrinsic value as a person with individual rights. These concern respect for and the worth of our being. Whether or not things are going well does not affect our sense of worth. It is not negotiable, nor is it determined by external events.

Negative attitudes that deny our selfhood deprive us of love, kindness, and respect. They diminish us by letting us be manipulated and exploited.

Positive attitudes: Honoring the self allows a wealth of respect, kindness, and goodness to come our way. When we acknowledge the wealth of our being, we will seek out situations and people who honor us as individuals and affirm our worth.

When we value ourselves, others will have no choice but to do the same and treat us with kindness and respect. When we say yes to who we are, people will either drop out of our lives or act respectfully. Cultivating a sense of worth may feel unfamiliar at first. Begin by making small, incremental shifts in how you perceive yourself. Give this time to grow and develop.

Allow the truth of your experience to keep you balanced so that you become neither inflated and bigger than you really are nor deflated, unworthy, or undervalued.


Affirmations for the Solar Plexus Chakra

I know that who I am is love, intelligence, and goodness.

I am worthy of a good life.

I am confident that life will support me through all its changes.

I use my power wisely.

I choose life, love, and goodness.

I am in touch with the source of my power.

I am a radiant and whole being, able to find my path in life.


Solar Plexus Chakra Activation Meditation

Stand in your personal power and ignite your inner strength with this meditation that will guide you to clear and activate your solar plexus chakra






Your Power Solar Plexus Meditation

This meditation takes place around a beautiful campfire in the middle of the woods. Here we will spark the flame of confidence within you. This can be a nice way to end the day.





Discovering Your True Self Solar Plexus Chakra Journal Prompts

I invite you to ponder the following suggestions to help you discover/uncover your true self, and write in your journal what you feel called to explore further…

  • Develop a sense of your own person. Know that who you are is always the same, even in a variety of circumstances.
  • Create your own sense of personality that lets others know who you are.
  • Following the crowd may feel safe but it will usually be limiting.
  • Spend time alone with yourself. Learn to cultivate your own friendship.
  • Ask yourself if you are worthy of the life you say you want.
  • Find out where your talents and gifts lie.
  • Try new things! Experience of self develops from placing yourself in challenging situations.
  • Learn to recognize character and integrity in yourself and others.