Balancing Our Solar Plexus Chakra, Part 2



When the solar plexus chakra is activated and balanced, we make positive choices for our lives.

As we grow and develop a strong and resilient ego, we build abundant reserves of energy we can draw on when we are tired, ill, or distressed.

We learn to trust our instincts.

This chakra has a deep seated animal intelligence that helps us differentiate between what and who are and are not really good for us. It hones our instinctual nature to choose the light, and to choose what is best not only for ourselves but also for those we love.

The nature of the solar plexus chakra is power itself. If power is too strong, this chakra becomes manipulative, exploitative, and dangerous. When it is deflated we see people lose their center and want for the grit to get through challenging situations.

In accessing this chakra we learn to deal with issues of power and turn them into loving and positive situations for ourselves.

Learning right use of power is essential for this chakra to develop in a healthy way.

The solar plexus chakra also supports psychological growth and development. We all deserve to know how good we truly are, and we all deserve support, kindness, and respect for the simple reason that we exist.

Our worth comes with the territory of our humanity because we are innately worthy as human beings to experience our light and enjoy life.

Learning this is one of the essential lessons in life. It can bring us great healing from abuse and the freedom to be who we truly are.

Healing this chakra involves strengthening and confirming our sense of self. It takes a  deep awareness to know that who we are is not conditional on what we have or what we do.

When we know who we are we are less likely to renounce our individuality. We work to cultivate a sense of worth and to make healthy choices that help us to express our truth in our own unique ways.

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In honor of the full moon on December 22nd, and to help hone your instinctual nature and deep seated animal intelligence (that part of you that is intrinsically and powerfully connected to a more wild energy and consciousness), I’m offering this

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Solar Plexus Chakra Journal Prompts

I invite you to compassionately and honestly explore the following three questions in your journal. Listening to your innate wisdom, how can you nurture your own strong and powerful sense of self, your inherent light, intelligence and love?

Do you see worth in others when they don’t see their own light shining?

Can you connect within yourself to this place of light, intelligence, and love?

Are you willing to take the time and do the inner work to cultivate a strong anchor to your selfhood?