Honoring Our Intuition with the Solar Plexus Chakra


Intelligence: Instinctual knowing

Soul lesson: Human and divine love

Our instinctual knowledge is linked to the solar plexus. It allows us to be aware of our deep felt, gut reactions to situations and people. Honoring these feelings is both self-protective and necessary for spiritual self-preservation.

The solar plexus chakra quickens when we anchor our personal identity in the abiding nature of the self. This challenges the external labels we use to identify ourselves, which limit who we truly are.

If we are identified with being a certain way and we maintain a specific image that people can approve, respect, or accept, we live a life based upon maintaining that image and avoid dealing with our spiritual nature, our true self.

Forming balanced attitudes around selfhood, freedom of choice, personal power, and confidence stems from connecting with our innate sense of worth.

There is nothing we need do to prove our worth. Once we honor our intrinsic worth we free our life force and liberate energy for living.

The element of fire rules the solar plexus chakra. This is the energy of passion, which affects how we approach the world. It controls our basic instincts in our relationship to events and people.

The solar plexus chakra is the center of our sense of personal identity.

As the physical body uses this chakra to break down food into usable nutrients using heat, so the mental body found in the solar plexus breaks down ideas for us to assimilate mentally for our growth and development.

The solar plexus chakra also extends into the realms of the heart. It influences the way we respond to situations through compassion and love.

It is especially connected to the heart by how strongly we love and value ourselves.

As mentioned above, gut instincts are centered in this chakra. How we respond to external influences shows how strong our Warrior archetype is. When we act from a place of strength, able to take control of our lives, and embody heroic qualities that instill confidence and trust in others, we gain power.

We have the capacity to heal others as well as ourselves by developing selfhood. This requires formulating a healthy and wholesome personality able to stand on its own. It requires knowing who we really are at the core and making wholesome choices from a place of optimal freedom.

Allowing the solar plexus chakra to fully express itself means that we allow ourselves to do the same.



Connect with Your Internal Wisdom Meditation

During this meditation you will be guided to visualize someone with great wisdom coming to you and giving you a very important piece of advice about your life journey. This person can be seen as a spirit guide, or as a strong, wise, resilient presence that resides within you always.






Solar Plexus Chakra Journal Prompts

I encourage you to explore the following questions in your journal and just see what comes up. You might be surprised by what’s beneath the surface…

Are you confident in your ability to make necessary changes in your life?

Are you confident in your ability to communicate your needs to those around you and be understood?

Are you confident in your ability to make good choices for yourself in relationships?




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