Embracing Your Inner Warrior with the Solar Plexus Chakra



Solar Plexus Chakra Archetypes

Positive: The Warrior

The warrior is an empowered person with a definitive sense of selfhood. Warriors know who they are in themselves and in relation to the world. Their sense of self is neither inflated nor weak. They have the inner strength and resilience to see their dreams materialize into reality and the stamina to meet physical and emotional challenges.

Negative: The Servant

The servant is a person whose sense of personal identity is anchored in the external world, always seeking confirmation from others. Servants work hard for others’ acknowledgment. They sabotage themselves by giving their power to others to define who they are and what they need to do. They lose energy trying to please others for the affirmation they are unable to give themselves.


I think it’s important to know what the positive and negative archetypes of the solar plexus chakra are, but I also think it’s important not to get caught up in believing you are either one or the other.

They are archetypes, representations or aspects of ourselves.

I believe most of us are some combination of the two, depending on any number of circumstances, internal and external.

If we’re not feeling well it’s a lot more challenging to be a warrior. When we’re feeling great the warrior is much easier to embody.

This course is about doing the work to take care of yourself so that more often than not you stand in your warrior power. But it’s okay if you’re not there yet! That’s one of the reasons you’re taking this course!

For me, it’s a lifelong journey.

Sometimes I’m a badass warrior and sometimes I feel a lot more like a servant. A true warrior is okay with that. She recognizes that she’s not going to “win” every battle and that having her ass kicked is part of being a warrior.

In fact, it takes a lot more courage to fail, fall, make mistakes, make a fool out of yourself, not get it right.

It takes a warrior to do all of the above.

So embrace your warrior self, whether you’re down in the mud or soaring in the sky, whether your fire is burning bright or barely burning.

Usually we’re somewhere in between. But wherever you are, you are a warrior.

The solar plexus chakra looks toward heroic efforts to help you become the best you can be. Often life challenges can undermine our physical, emotional, and mental health and time may be required to put us back on a strong footing before we can resume our life.

Know that if you are intent you will achieve whatever you set your heart on. Be flexible, compassionate, and open to changes that may reveal a better way of doing things.

Life is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate your character.

Allow your sense of self to expand with each situation that demands presence, steadiness, and character.


The Warrior Meditation

A unique way of connecting to your inner warrior as the calm within the storm, the center of peace, being present, still and aware no matter what is going on. Sit with your inner warrior of love, light, peace, deep stillness and presence.






Embrace Your Inner Warrior/Superhero & Manifest Your Power Meditation

Learn how to tap into your own personal power, your power center, or solar plexus chakra, and embrace your inner warrior & superhero!






Solar Plexus Chakra Journal Prompts

The following questions might feel a little scary. Honestly, they intimidate me a little. Which is all the more reason to explore them! Remember fire is the element of the solar plexus chakra, so it makes sense that these questions might elicit some heat or spice, even a fear of being burned. It might help to think of it as a natural forest fire. After a forest fire the soil is cleared for new growth, rebirth and regeneration. And that’s exactly what you’re doing by honestly, compassionately and with the courage of a warrior, exploring these questions…

What is your relationship to your own power?

Are you willing to express yourself in a powerful way that lets others know not to mess with you?

Are you clear about your need to balance your personal power with humility and compassion?