Balancing Our Heart Chakra Part 2



In Balancing Our Heart Chakra, Part 1, I mentioned that the heart chakra is made up of two distinct components, the heart protector and the heart itself.

The heart itself is pure, innocent, and unblemished. It is the eternal abode of the divine in each individual.

Knowing the depth, purity and beauty each individual has been graced with in life can only make us mindful of the jewel that rests in each person’s heart.

Awakening the connection to that place of love and purity takes love and trust in the divine, however one chooses to define the Infinite Intelligence that guides our spirit. Seeking that outside of ourselves will only lead us back to where we have started our search, within our own heart.

When our heart is broken our vital energy goes back into the solar plexus to strengthen our sense of selfhood and to allow the heart to regain its sense of trust, hope, and strength for when we are able to love again.

One of the primary principles of healing is first to love ourselves.

We do more to mend our wounded heart by accepting our own love and the recognition of wholeness. From that point we are free to choose to love others, and cultivate good relationships that nourish and feed us.

When we cultivate attitudes based on our right to love and be loved, wounds rooted in anger and loss can be healed.

When we know that there is nothing wrong with us and that love connections fail because others are unable to love, we build a stronger heart protector. We also begin to look for people who live according to their hearts and want love in their lives.

We are all entitled to the love we say we want.

If we feel a need to limit love by placing conditions on it and controlling the way in which it comes to us we will never know the thrill of experiencing a deep love. It comes from nature, plants, animals, and the world around us.

A wonderful way to nourish the heart is by spending time in nature. She is the supreme healer, giving us the space to breathe clean air, and find tranquility and beauty.

In fact, love is everywhere; we only need to open our hearts to feel it.

By its very nature, love is unlimited, unconditional, and free.

A large part of our healing is accepting that we are lovable and worthy of love. To know we are cherished is to acknowledge that love is all around us; it is the very fiber of life.

Love is who we are. Freedom is in your own heart.




Grounded in Love Meditation

In this morning’s meditation I invite you to be where you are with love. Let love be your ground.





Heart Chakra Journal Prompts

What gives you a sense of peace? Is it music? Nature? Quiet? Painting? Or….?

Do you need to make changes in your life that will allow more peace and love in?

Can you offer up love to yourself? To the world around you? When does love flow freely for you? When do you feel disconnected from love?




To practice, play with and gently explore opening your heart, here’s a 28 minute short & sweet playful heart opening yoga fix. 🙂