Balancing Our Throat Chakra, Part 1

The throat chakra directly affects the quality of our communication. It is linked to our personal integrity and sense of honor. When we mean what we say and stand by our word we influence the way in which people perceive us. They pay attention to what we say and recognize who we are.

As we deepen our commitment to expressing the truth, the throat chakra expands and becomes an invincible ally of the spirit, channeling energy for our physical vitality and spiritual development.

We become stronger in ourselves and more resilient in our thinking when we express the truth. How we live and express our being directly influences the amount of energy we have for our lives.

The throat chakra is also connected to willpower. To resonate joy and creativity in your job, relationships, or other aspects of your life, you must be spiritually truthful. You may be suppressing feelings that could indicate a need for change. Tuning into your higher truth helps conserve willpower for the challenges that really matter.

Harnessing the will fortifies the throat chakra. It helps keep you on the path of honest expression and helps develop character.

In terms of a high feel-good factor, truth, energy, and emotions are all interconnected to the life of the body. Saying no to what and who may be harmful is essential to cultivating a strong will.

This chakra is directly linked to the higher self – that exalted aspect of being that offers guidance and protection. One’s personal task is to tune in and listen to this guidance.

The power of the throat chakra is only as strong as our internal connection to the truth.

If we are willing to be quiet and listen to our inner voice it can act as a guiding force in our lives.



Below is a practical exercise to let you review some of the harmful attitudes associated with the throat chakra. This exercise illustrates a way of reframing negative attitudes into more positive and life-affirming ones.

Negative attitudes: The fear of expressing our truth blocks and limits our energy. If we feel that we have no right to speak out or that no one wants to listen to us, we dampen our life force and negate the precious gift of communication. Lying, substance abuse, and gossip are three things that damage the precious fiber of the throat chakra. All of them take us away from our natural goodness and numb us to truth.

Positive attitudes: Honoring the truth and communicating it from a place of integrity is what makes us responsible adults. When we know we have something to say and it is worth expressing, we make a difference. We expand the throat chakra and open our energy field when we share our truth. We learn that both our personal truth and the higher truth of God/Love/Universal energy are sacred.



Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

I speak my truth and honor my commitment to it

I express myself as honestly as I can

I share my feelings with ease and comfort

I live from my integrity

I communicate what is so for me, without projecting my truth onto others

I express myself as creatively as possible

I listen to my inner truth

Sat Nam Throat Chakra Meditation

With lovingkindness, practice bringing awareness to the masks you wear, to the places where you hide or deny your truth. Begin to let go of those masks and inhabit your true self.

I Would Like to Give You Permission Meditation

This meditation by Sarah Blondin encourages you to take small steps toward your most truthful and whole Self. Weaving truth into places you are not living it already.

Throat Chakra Journal Prompts

I invite you to ponder the following suggestions to help you center yourself in speaking, living and communicating your truth, and write in your journal what you feel called to explore further…

  • Make a commitment to be as truthful as you can in all situations
  • Listen to your feelings. Know what is true for you.
  • Listen to what is good, truthful, loving, and kind. It helps to keep your ears sensitive and open.
  • Speak clearly and mean what you say. Your communication counts.