Balancing Our Throat Chakra, Part 2

We strengthen our throat chakra when we listen carefully to our inner voice. Our ability to listen silently opens the throat chakra and fortifies the link to the self.

It has long been known that sound has the power to heal and can even strengthen the immune system.

Hearing positive things about ourselves has a healing effect. Saying affirmations out loud, for instance, has a direct effect on the endorphin levels in our blood.

Hearing we are beautiful and loved lets our spirits shine. It tells us we are good and lovely. When we hear negativity about ourselves we contract and separate from our core. If we are attached to external acknowledgment from others, we may believe what is said rather than know our own worth.

The power of the throat chakra is only as strong as our internal connection to the truth.

If we are willing to be quiet and listen to our inner voice it can act as a guiding force in our lives. We can expand the power of our internal guidance when we take the lid off our feelings and simply recognize them for what they are.

This means allowing emotions to be experienced and felt, though not necessarily acted out. Emotional suppression stops energy from flowing and it also keeps us from knowing our inner truth.

When the chakra is open and flowing, our inner beauty and external radiance flow freely.

Developing a wholesome relationship to the truth is the beginning of healing the throat chakra.

Nearly all dysfunctional emotional experiences are suppressed in the throat. This happens when we fail to say what we feel, no matter how hurt or angry we are.

We begin our empowerment when we tell the truth.

People can be completely changed by the experience of connecting to the truth. Energy, vitality, beauty, and a zest for life suddenly spring into their body and face.

They know that speaking the truth connects them to that place within where they are truth itself.

Witnessing the truth Meditation

What is the truth? And what are conditioned thought patterns? Meditation is about examining and witnessing the truth of our thoughts, reactions, and labels, and freeing ourselves from the stories we tell ourselves that aren’t true.

Yoga Nidra to Hear Your Inner Truth

In this yoga nidra you’ll explore listening to and honoring your truth, and recognizing the places where truth is obscured by aversion, attachment, and conditioned ways of perceiving the world, yourself, and others. Truth is spacious, open, and clear….

Throat Chakra Journal Prompts

Remember, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to these questions. There’s only what is true and what is not. For myself it often takes enormous bravery, courage and vulnerability to be this truthful or honest with myself, especially when I’m looking at behaviors or ways of being that I struggle with.

This isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being present, with enormous compassion and love…

Do you honor your personal truth?

Do you value the truth of your heart as well as the truth of your mind?

Can you hear the truth in yourself longing to be expressed?

Do you feel the need to cover up your truth with certain people or in particular circumstances?