Expressing & Valuing You with the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra gives expression to our emotions in word and sound.

We purr when we are deeply happy, sigh when we are sad, grunt when we are angry, and close our throats down when we are afraid to say what is on our mind.

It is the channel for communication and creativity.

It is though the throat that we sing our joy, say our prayers for peace, or scream our pain away.

Knowing that we have the right to communicate our feelings openly is essential for our life development.

When we feel comfortable in expressing ourselves, the throat chakra is capable of expressing our truth eloquently and with grace.

It is in the throat chakra that we tune our awareness into the higher mind, which whispers the truth to us in our inner ear. Developing a quiet mind allows us to hear the voice of spirit, one of the many reasons meditation is such a powerful practice.

Sometimes before we can hear or express ourselves and our truths, whether it’s an expression of happiness with a smile and a sigh, a frown or stomping foot when we’re angry, or a deeper truth of what we need to honor and heal and hold ourselves in love, we need first to value ourselves.

As a first step let me tell you that you are valuable, that your emotions, expressions and truths are worthy, and to believe otherwise hurts not only yourself but also anyone else you’re in contact with.

When we’re with someone who doesn’t value themselves we begin to question our own value. And this leads to what I call a cascade of heartbreak.

Beautiful women, please do not do this to yourselves! You are worthy of deep love and respect and that begins with your relationship with yourself.

The following meditation by Sarah Blondin is a reminder of how precious you are just as you are. Be you. Be true to you. Honor and love, respect and nurture you.

By doing so you not only take deep care of yourself, but you also inspire others to do the same.

Imagine the cascade of healing this can cause!

Like a domino effect of love…





Love Wave Meditation

This meditation is intended to deepen self love and acceptance







Throat Chakra Journal Prompts

In today’s journal prompts we’ll explore creativity. Being creative can help us find our true selves and encourage honesty and integrity.

Where do you channel your creative energy?

What activities are the most creative for you?

Do you live from your creative spirit?