Coming Home to Yourself with the Throat Chakra



Everyone benefits when we speak the truth, when it is done with compassion, love, self-clarity, and self-awareness. It’s a way to connect versus a way to rate or separate.

Obviously, there are as many styles of communication as there are people in the world, but a few simple guidelines can help.

First, take at least three minutes in the morning to connect to your breath and give thanks for the gift of this breath, this life within you.

Next, set an intention to be more truthful, brave and honest in at least one interaction you have throughout the day. Write that intention down and keep it somewhere you will frequently see it – for example, on a mirror, on your refrigerator, in your wallet, or on a bedside table. If you’d like, you can also use this as a guidepost to repeat in your mind throughout the day.

Whenever you recite your intention or look at the piece of paper, remember to connect that phrase to your breath, thereby creating an internal support system for staying calm.

As you go about your day, keep breathing quietly and remaining mindful throughout your communication.

When practiced consistently, this will begin to activate your calm heart – and it will possibly help you unbury old patterns so you can breathe them out rather than bringing them into your interactions with others throughout the day.

The throat is a passageway. Here we can find a true release of emotion, motion, and rebalance. Talking things out with kind purpose instantly clears both the heart and the mind.

This energy center is deeply and simply about: truth; purification of the air in our lungs and of our heart, body, mind, and spirit; and giving voice to what the heart and mind intuitively feel.

We let go of what no longer serves us and obscures what is true (old beliefs, habitual patterns, emotions, to give a few examples), by forgiving people, including ourselves, by being brave, and by speaking our truth.

When we are speaking from an open heart, we’re letting spirit and intuition guide our words and, in fact, our very breath. We and everyone around us will naturally be enhanced by the wisdom and compassion that comes from this place of calm balance.

We will put freedom rather than fear into the world.

We will come home to ourselves.




Throat Energy Center Sayings Meditation

Begin by reflecting on which of these sayings most resonates with you (or if you’d like create one of your own beginning with the phrase I am).






Yoga Nidra to Reveal Your Essence

A yoga nidra meditation to reveal your true nature – your essence – at this moment in time.






Throat Chakra Journal Prompts

What do you need to let go of to access the deeper truths within you?

Where does what’s holding you back from your truth come from?

What would happen if you spoke your truth? Or wrote it down? Or sang it? Or painted it? Expressed it in your own unique creative way…?