Balancing Our Brow Chakra, Part 1



The brow chakra supplies energy to all the senses. It feeds energy into the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth and stimulates our sensory acuity.

It provides energy to the brain to allow the mind to be active and positive.

It opens portals to the higher spiritual realms that surround us and are accessible through developed sensitivity and open-mindedness. New arenas of possibility can be reached through a visionary mind able to think and intuit at the same time.

The power of healing is a function of our minds because it opens us to the good around us. It helps us acknowledge that we are whole, deserving of love and all that we say we want. It helps us expand the realm of new possibilities available to us and lets us see a horizon when we are tired or confused.

The brow chakra is especially responsive to both affirmations of our goodness and confirmation of our worth.

When we affirm ourselves we actually plant the seeds of goodness into the subconscious mind. They help us reprogram our vision to include greater possibilities for emotional happiness and physical well-being.

It is the brow chakra that expands as we cultivate a positive, hopeful outlook for ourselves, whether it be in the realm of health, personal happiness, or spirituality. It is here that we first begin the healing process that lets us confirm who we are.


Below is a practical exercise to let you review some of the harmful attitudes associated with the brow chakra. This exercise illustrates a way of reframing negative attitudes into more positive and life-affirming ones.



Negative attitudes: All negative ideas stem from the one belief that we are not enough. We are not lovable or worthy of having the life we say we want. When we identify with a lack of worth, we fail to honor our true light. Being inflated, separated from our true self, leads to egoism and narcissism. These attitudes develop when we feel we are not “enough” and need to be “more” in the eyes of others. Self-importance limits our truth as well as our vitality.

Positive attitudes: The quintessential belief that we are worthy of receiving our good makes the mind healthy and whole. Accepting the best of ourselves helps us form clearly defined boundaries so that an attack cannot diminish us. Acknowledging our worth lets us know who and what are for our highest good. Loving ourselves lets us cultivate a sense of humor and makes our path through life more joyful. It also opens up our energy field.


Affirmations for the Brow Chakra

My love of life reflects itself in all that I see and do.

I acknowledge my worth and accept my goodness.

My nature is whole.

I am able to discern the good from what pulls my spirit down.

I find wisdom from my past and healing in the present.

I use my intelligence and intuition to light my way forward.

I cultivate a positive outlook in all situations.




Just a Thought Meditation

In this meditation we tap into the solar plexus, heart and third eye chakras to access our deepest wisdom by paying attention to our thoughts, our heart, gut, and mind.







Increasing Your Intuition Brow Chakra Meditation

This meditation will help your intuitive sense and reconnect you to the inspiration that is always flowing towards you.






Brow Chakra Journal Prompts

I invite you to ponder the following suggestions to help you explore how you think and feel about yourself and your life, to center yourself in what takes care of and supports you deeply, and to see yourself as the source of truth and light in your life. I encourage you to write in your journal what you feel called to explore further…

  • Allow your mind to relax. Overuse leads to worry and obsessions
  • Question anything or any person who negates your innate worth, sense of freedom, or beauty
  • Look for the good in each person and situation
  • Stop comparing yourself with others. Find what is unique about you.
  • Read and see uplifting and inspirational books and films
  • Look at yourself daily in the mirror and feel love for yourself
  • Make a choice to be as loving and positive as you know how to be
  • Be aware when you are tired and weary. Do something nurturing for yourself.