Yoga Pilgrimage, Day 3

For this morning’s meditation we’ll be focusing on loving ourselves.

If the practice starts with ourselves then cultivating love for ourselves is crucial.

And I use the word crucial deliberately. As in the crux of the matter. In cultivating love for ourselves, we step by gentle step, breath by loving breath, replace anger, fear, anxiety, insecurity, with love. And that is the crux of the matter, the crucial steps that transform our lives and…

step by gentle step, breath by loving breath, transforms the world.

It begins with us. It always begins with us.

This meditation is called metta bhavana, and has its origins in the buddhist tradition. Metta means loving kindness, and bhavana means to develop. This meditation teaches us to be kind and gentle by cultivating a loving relationship with ourselves and the rest of the world.

In this meditation we face the question, “If I can’t feel love for myself, how can I feel healthy love for others?”

Metta bhavana meditation uses simple mantras to cultivate loving kindness, compassion and tenderness for yourself:

“May I be well.”

“May I be kind toward my suffering.”

“May I cultivate more kindness within my heart. May I cultivate more peace within my heart. May I continue to develop and grow.”




For my daily snapshot I’d like to remind you of your strength.

Of how rooted you are, and how far you rise. Feel your own strength and power, inside and out, as you look at this snapshot.

Remember, when you feel lost or lonely, confused or anxious, that like this tree you are strong, you are powerful, you are wise, and you are beautiful…

For our Yoga Fix today we’ll be embodying our inner tree.

Rooting down & Rising up. Feel your inner power. Feel your radiant light.

Recognize how supported you are by the earth beneath you, by your feet on the ground, by the strength of your legs and your core. And from that strength feel how you rise through your torso, your spine, your heart, your arms, fingers touching the sky…

If you fall embrace that wild ride as well. Let go of being in control and see what happens.

Maybe this is the moment when your wings will spread and you’ll fly…