Balancing Our Brow Chakra, Part 2

As we expand our minds we learn that wholesome, optimal choices are within our grasp. This helps us attune our spirit to universal intelligence, which is all loving, all seeing, and all knowing, no matter in what form we experience that intelligence.

This universal intelligence responds affirmatively to what we believe about ourselves.

If we believe we are not worthy of what we say we want, or we feel we are ugly and no one loves us, this universal intelligence will, again, say yes.

This force attests only to what we believe to be true.

This means we need to choose carefully what we want to include in our world-view and examine our belief system to see what is true and has depth, constancy, and grace.

Using wisdom and intelligence helps cultivate the higher mind to choose the good we want in our lives. The freedom to choose belongs to each individual.

As the brow chakra develops and psychological maturity is reached, it becomes self-evident that we have the ability to change the way we look at our lives. We can expand the power of the mind to help us create healthier realities.

The mind is dynamic and can open the doors to true healing.

The brow chakra can control our physical bodies as well as our minds. It governs everything from heart rate and blood pressure to our ability to withstand pain.

Once the power of the mind is harnessed through meditation and yoga, it is capable of restoring health and slowing the aging process.

Positive thinking actually increases endorphins in the blood stream. These naturally occurring substances control our “feel good” factor and help us build reserves of energy we can tap into in times of stress or illness.

As the mind becomes healthier, so does the physical body. When we think positively, situations become positive. We learn to detach from holding onto destructive emotions that sabotage our health and choose to open to the love and light around us.




Speaking of choosing to open to the love and light around us, I’d like to share with you a meditation I listened to this morning on Insight Timer, by Fleur Chambers, Growing Inner Happiness

Here’s the description:

“In this talk and meditation listeners will be introduced to a three step process designed to build pathways for greater happiness in our brains. Through teaching, practice and reflection, listeners will learn to strengthen their happiness muscle and enjoy a life with a greater sense of well-being and inner happiness.”

Opening to Self Yoga Nidra

In this yoga nidra we’ll focus on both the heart chakra and brow chakra, anahata and ajna chakras.

Brow Chakra Journal Prompts

Ask your higher self to reveal the truth of your experience to you. Be patient for a response. These questions can give insight and healing.

What do you know that you know?

Can you discern what is really valuable and beautiful about yourself and honor that within you?

Imagine what you would be like if you had your dreams realized. What would be different?

How do you use your intuition at present? Do you ever know that something is the way it is, regardless of what others try to tell you?