Living from a Place of Openness & Deep Love with the Brow Chakra



Intelligence: Control and wisdom

Soul lesson: Detachment and intuition

The brow chakra matures with age and experience. It develops right thinking about who we are and helps us through the difficulties that challenge us.

The ability to disengage from attacks, unwholesome situations, or people nurtures our inner clarity and strength.

The ability to recognize the nature of people and situations frees us to use our life force appropriately. Healthy attitudes based on love and respect of self and others help us cultivate discernment.

This teaches us to make optimal choices based on our highest good and greatest joy.

Attitudes rich in flexibility, openness, and a deep love for one’s self – and that same beautiful jewel in others – help us manage our lives with grace and wisdom.

Many of us struggle with the harmful belief that we are not good enough. As social creatures we internalize others judgments of and disappointments in us, especially that of our family and friends. We also often struggle with the expectations of the wider community, which can leave us feeling lacking.

This is when working on letting go of the past becomes deeply important. Meeting the places where we feel raw, wounded, or not good enough with compassion, intimacy and tenderness, and gently acknowledging that many of the negative stories we carry with us are not real.

We have the power to create our own reality and we can shift the hurtful patterns of the past with unconditional love for and acceptance of ourselves.

In each moment we can choose to meet ourselves with love, kindness and respect.

Instead of pushing ourselves too hard we can practice honoring where we are moment by moment, resting when we are tired, taking time to come up with a solution to a problem we are struggling to solve, and being gentle with ourselves when we have a difficult time.

Changing the way we think about ourselves is the first step in healing the brow chakra.





Breath and Your Third Eye Meditation

This meditation uses your breath and your third eye to focus your mind






Third Eye Meditation

In this meditation we’ll drop deeper into the third eye, a space of deep power, wisdom, light and love.







Brow Chakra Journal Prompts

Can you discern what is really valuable and beautiful about yourself and honor that within you? What would that look like?

I invite you to write about your value and beauty in your journal, and to explore ways to honor your beauty and worth. Most of us are much more beautiful and valuable than we give ourselves credit for. How can you cherish yourself?

Can you find the wisdom to love and accept yourself after a difficult day or experience?