Accessing Our Internal Wisdom & Guidance with the Brow Chakra



As we develop the brow chakra we are better able to access our internal guidance. We can trust our inner knowing because it comes from the depth of our being.

Cultivating the wisdom of the higher mind creates reserves of energy that can keep us healthy and sane for our entire life. Being discerning helps us choose the right path and the right people.

Applying knowledge can make our tasks in life easier. Using our imagination and intuition helps us create the best possible life we can.

Besides healing our physical energy, healing the mind is a matter of real consequence.

Since this center controls most of what we do in our lives, including behavior, it is important that we develop realistic and grounded attitudes that support our being the best we can be.

This is why we try to build a wholesome context for holding our life experiences, forgiving the past, and looking forward toward the light.

Healing the mind means reflecting on oneself and transforming self-limiting ideas about who we are and what we deserve.

If we don’t change the patterns in our own mind, we give our power to the people who created the negative pattern in the first place, and, essentially, this means we never grow up and live our own lives.

Watching our thoughts is an excellent way of being witness to our self-limiting judge who may have the voice of our parents or teachers.

If we choose to move up the ladder of self-love by taking more responsibility for ourselves, we will access higher levels of energy and greater empowerment for ourselves.

This is what happens when we change our attitudes.

Should we choose to be fully at one with our life experiences we become the Wise Person archetype. We acknowledge there is wisdom in making mistakes that teach us who we are, and we are tender and accepting of ourselves, as well as nonjudgmental about the things we have done.

Each step up the ladder teaches us to love and honor ourselves and to value what we know to be true: that who we are is love, freedom, and beauty itself.





Visualization for Wisdom Meditation

This meditation includes soft guidance into embodiment and a gradual deepening of awareness. A beautiful visualization is then introduced in order to create feelings of ease and peace. A wisdom figure appears – your future self – bringing relevant wisdom and words of comfort.







Allowing Answers Meditation

Open up to divine wisdom with this guided meditation. The answer is within you, a deep wisdom, light and love is yours to access.







Third Eye Chakra Journal Prompts

What is your personal wisdom about your health, happiness, relationships, finances, sexuality, and healing?

In your wisdom can you forgive the past and extract the learning that was there for you?

Can you look at the challenging experiences in your life and distill wisdom from them?