Coming Home to Yourself with the Brow Chakra



We come home to ourselves with the brow chakra when we are ready to shift harmful habitual thought patterns and step into cultivating thinking and feeling good things about ourselves.

Otherwise, any negativity we harbor will shut the chakra down, because it is dealing in half truths and falsehood.

Positive, holistic thinking is crucial to this chakra’s function.

It is part of our growth and maturation to be able to think objectively and clearly about difficult people and situations. And this is quite challenging to do when we are emotionally enmeshed.

Learning to love and honor ourselves, during difficult times as well as when things are going well, requires us to cultivate wisdom and self-love.

Taking the time to examine our attitudes is how we expand our inner reality and let go of harmful negative ideas about ourselves. This can be done alone, in therapy, or in spiritual practices that encourage self-inquiry.

It takes time to learn to cherish who we are and allow goodness to come into our lives.

Most of us don’t think about the ways in which we abuse ourselves until we are tired and run down. If we have had a difficult or unloving past, have made mistakes in choosing less than wholesome people in our relationships, or have been deeply disappointed by life, it could be difficult to change our attitudes.

Trust is missing and fear predominates.

Yet, without this simple act of affirming our worth and the choices we have made, we will remain stuck in the past.

Forgiving the past helps us release it and helps us find the serenity to live in the present knowing that we are worthy in every way of a good life.

When you come home to yourself with the brow chakra you open yourself to your inner guidance and deepest wisdom.

You recognize your enormous capacity for joy, healing, and happiness, and release and forgive the past.

You also seek wisdom and guidance in all situations, and see the best in yourself.

Ultimately, you recognize that you are the source of truth and love in your life.



Loving & Being Kind with Yourself Meditation

In this meditation we’ll practice loving kindness with ourselves





Sleeping in Complete Peace, Safety & Love

In place of a traditional yoga nidra, this is a before sleep meditation to prepare you for a deep and peaceful sleep, encouraging you to let go and open to the love that you are.







Brow Chakra Journal Prompts

Can you imagine a level of gratitude where you are completely at one with universal energy and know exactly where the goodness in your life comes from?

Are you willing to tap into the storehouse of knowing and love available to you?

What harmful or negative thought patterns do you need to shift? Can you recognize that they are patterns from your past and not the truth?