An Introduction to the Crown Chakra

The 7th Chakra – Crown Chakra – Sahasrara




The 7th chakra is the crown or sahasrara, which translates to “thousand petaled.”

This chakra is pure consciousness energy.

The crown chakra reaches the heights of spirituality. It connects us with our indelible and permanent divinity, and is the source of healing energy in the human energy system.

The chakras act as a ladder to love, spirituality, and healing, from the base energy of the root chakra, which anchors us in life, to the more refined spiritual energy of the crown chakra.

Like all other energy centers in the human energy system, the crown chakra exists as a vestigial core of potential until it is activated.


Qualities and Attributes

The crown chakra opens when we have attained psychological maturity and spiritual development.

The opening of the crown chakra coincides with a time in our lives when we may have to face several difficult personal choices and external life challenges. These ultimately bring us spiritual insights and a greater sense of what we are capable of, and what our higher purpose might be.

For many, such realizations are often seen as a form of “midlife” crisis – enlightenment often leads us to reject what we have been, in pursuit of what we could become.

The crown chakra is the center where we experience and know a higher god as an active presence in our lives and where we can choose to follow her ways.

It is the driving force for mystics and healers immersed in cosmic consciousness and for all those who actively seek and cultivate their spiritual path.

In order for the crown chakra to open, it is no longer necessary for us to renounce the world and its material temptations completely.

Our goal must be to see the spirit in all life and to understand that we are here on earth to be happy and fulfill our soul’s longings for love, peace and happiness.

When the crown chakra does open, we need rest, tranquility, and peace in order to contemplate the wonders and mysteries of the divine.

By balancing worldly activity with spiritual pursuits we can remain grounded in life, often bringing healing and transformation in subtle ways to our immediate world.


Location: Top of the skull

Age of resonance: 42-49

Shape: Round skullcap

Color: Violet

Musical note: B

Type of music: Indian ragas

Element: The Cosmos

Aspect of Intelligence: Spiritual understanding

Sensory experience: Bliss

Essential oils: Violet, lavender, lotus, elemi

Crystals: Amethyst, alexandrite

Aspect of the solar system: The universe

Astrological association: Aquarius

Metal: Platinum

Earthly location: India

Mythological animal: Eagle

Plant: Lotus flower

Qualities: Grace, beauty, serenity, oneness with all that is

Life issues: Selfless realization of your indelible connection with the greater whole of life; creation of a vital and resilient spiritual context for holding your life experiences

Physical activity: None — stillness

Spiritual activities: Prayer, meditation, reflection


Being spiritual requires an openness to knowing who you truly are. This self is to be experienced, not defined, and is something that you come to love, know, and trust in relation to all that is impermanent and temporal.

The self asks you to expand your limited version of your personality to a higher dimension of awareness where you are an aspect of divine consciousness itself.

Developing selfhood requires that you penetrate the illusions of limitation, the negative projections others use against you to make themselves right, and your own negativity about your worth.

When you know that God lives within you there is nothing to do but celebrate your life by honoring what is good, loving, trustworthy, truthful, and beautiful.



Meditation for the Crown Chakra

In this meditation you will drop into the realm of pure consciousness, one of being, ease, stillness, and sweet surrender to the moment.





Affirmation for the Crown Chakra Meditation

Repeat this affirmation once every morning and once every evening as you enter a period of Crown Chakra enlightenment.







Crown Chakra Journal Prompts

The qualities of the crown chakra are spirituality, beauty, and bliss. Look at these questions and see how you can develop or strengthen your connections to this most powerful energy source. As you read the questions, ask yourself if you need anything, other than your own awareness of self, to be spiritual.



Do you have a spiritual context for holding the difficult and challenging experiences of your life?

What are your highest spiritual truths about yourself, life, death, and change?

Do you feel you can be loved, healed, and cherished by simply being yourself?