Coming Home to Yourself with the Crown Chakra



The crown chakra is the most elevated chakra in the system. It provides the means to deepen our indelible connection with the source of our being.

Whether we wish to make this connection conscious is up to us. The link is there; we must only acknowledge it to experience it. There is nothing to be done to make this connection other than recognize it.

The crown chakra controls the pineal gland, which sits at the top of the midbrain below the cerebral hemisphere. It influences our deep inner cycles, such as sleep, happiness, and tranquility. Its qualities are bliss, beauty, and spirituality.

The crown chakra offers each person the energy of cosmic consciousness and helps us feel that we are one with all life. It controls our sense of happiness and joy and allows us to feel that we are loved, guided, and protected at all times by the love of God.

The crown chakra has but one emotion and that is bliss.

This state is described as a joyful sense of the divine. Once it is experienced, it tends to negate all other emotions.

A state of bliss is felt when there is no longer identification with the lower centers. This state of bliss is often called transcendence.

The crown chakra also opens the realm of higher thinking to us. Here we see the entire picture and move beyond the everyday details of life.

The crown chakra is global, even universal, in its approach to situations or people. It has a spiritual dimension that teaches us to consider the origin of conflict, and to see with our heart as well as our head, enabling us to put things into perspective.


Intelligence: Spiritual understanding

Soul lesson: To be at one with the source

A healthy crown chakra opens us to a spiritual understanding of the oneness of life. It is predicated on the belief that there is no separation at any level in an expanded reality that acknowledges the source of life.

We learn that we are always guided and protected. A higher power moves our lives in a caring and loving way.

When we connect this understanding with our life experiences, we are able to salvage our spirit through challenging times by seeing how each event opens us to a greater love and connection with spirit.


What You Can Do

Staying grounded in your body helps to stabilize the crown chakra. Eating wholesome foods, drinking unchlorinater water, and getting plenty of rest and exercise are ways of staying stable as this chakra unfolds.

Daily practice of prayer, meditation, reflection, yoga, or tai chi helps ground the spirit.

It is essential to remain stable through all the changes if spiritual energy is going to manifest in your relationships and work.

Never try to force open this chakra – like the lotus, it will flower naturally, when you are ready to accept it.



For our final day on the path of love I offer you a meditation and a yoga nidra for healing and balancing our chakras, as well as 7 journal prompts (one for each chakra). Some of the journal prompts might seem familiar as I strongly believe there is great value and power in exploring the same question more than once.

I hope you enjoy these offerings as much as I enjoyed creating them 🙂


Chakra Healing Meditation

In this soothing guided meditation, you’ll enjoy imagery to cleanse and heal the chakras, empowering affirmations, and healing activations.





Chakra Balancing Yoga Nidra

This chakra balancing session of yoga nidra is a very deep, soothing meditation, and will leave you feeling balanced, rested and nourished.






Chakra Journal Prompts

For our final journal exercise I offer you one question for each chakra.

  • Do you allow yourself to dream of the life you say you want?
  • Are you able to create a sense of balance between what you have and what you want?
  • Do you know that you are always free to choose in every situation?
  • Can you offer up your love to the world around you?
  • Do you tune into your body, your feelings, and your spirit to know what your truth is?
  • Can you use your inner knowing to intuit what is best for you?
  • What do you need to do to allow your bliss to be a part of your experience?