Self Reflection & Love with the Sacral Chakra



We could all benefit by taking some time to reflect on our basic beliefs. If we were to look at how we judge ourselves and often limit our sense of joy and well-being, we might understand how we also limit our energy.

Self examination can help increase our vitality, health, and happiness.

If our attitudes are too rigid or too unstructured, our chakras will be exactly the same.

Energy follows thought as a river follows its course.

If, for instance, we harbor a belief that life is difficult and we should avoid risks, our energy system will show constraint, limitation, and diminished energy flow, particularly in the first three chakras, which hold the unconscious attitudes of family, clan, and community.

If we believe that life can prevail and we are willing to take a risk, we will almost assuredly be blessed with the energy we need.

Each chakra has a form of intelligence that allows it to organize energy according to its higher purpose. When we cultivate grounded ideas and balanced attitudes about ourselves, the chakras perform optimally. They serve as energy conductors to feed our system.

Positive awareness opens the portal for energy to flow in the direction of our highest good and greatest joy.




Intelligence: Sensation and pleasure

Soul lesson: Peace and wisdom

The sacral chakra opens us up to a realm of health, well-being, pleasure, and abundance. If we have attitudes that deny us pleasure, we will live a limited existence. The organism expands with pleasure, and contracts with pain.

Pleasure helps us sustain a peaceful and joyful life, rich in wisdom about the simple joys of life. The more we  develop attitudes that allow us ease, joy, and pleasure, the more energy we have for doing the difficult chores and tasks.

Looking at our attitudes about sensuality, sexuality, ease, abundance, and pleasure helps us mature and become our own person. The more we know ourselves, the less likely we are to make decisions based on an external value system that might not reflect our own values, such as the expectations of our family, community, the media, or even our peers.

It is imperative that we honor our own needs, desires and beliefs, and do not compromise ourselves in order to please or accommodate another.

The sacral chakra benefits when we respect our health and well-being. Nurturing the physical body helps us develop positive attitudes about our deservedness.



In today’s meditation, we are going to practice opening the areas of ourselves where we store worry, fear, and anxiety, to the possibility of healing.

A Meditative Visit to the Temple of Healing, Adapted from “A Path with Heart” by Jack Kornfield.






Sacral Chakra Journal Prompt

Although some of these questions may seem simple or obvious I encourage you to explore them in your journal and just see what comes up. I almost guarantee that you will be surprised by what’s beneath the surface…

Do you feel you deserve the life you say you want?

Do you deserve peace, beauty, and tranquility in your life?

Do you feel that you deserve to enjoy life?

Do you have doubts or reservations about your deservedness based on the way you have experienced life in the past?