Strong Back, Soft Front,

Open Heart Workshop

Secure your place in this Sunday's (Aug. 13th) Strong Back, Soft Front, Open Heart Love & Mindfulness Workshop

Love & Mindfulness Self Care Sanctuary

Beautiful one,

Do you feel like you don’t have time to take care of yourself, to slow down and connect to your heart, to a place of deep love and peace?

As if no matter what you do there’s almost never enough time?

Everything moves so fast and it can feel as if we have very little control over what’s going to happen next…

I’d like to share with you the practices that have brought me home to myself again and again. That have grounded me in love and light and connected me to my heart.

So if you'd like to end each week feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated and start the week feeling renewed, refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way, I invite you to join the...

Love & Mindfulness Self Care Sanctuary!

In the Love & Mindfulness Self Care Sanctuary we will ground, center and come back to calm with a LIVE meditation and mindfulness class every Sunday so that we can feel present, peaceful, deeply relaxed and at home within ourselves.

Right now the practices of love, meditation, and mindfulness are more important than ever.

In the Love & Mindfulness Self Care Sanctuary you'll connect to your body and open your heart, release anxiety and stress and return to calm, let go of what no longer serves you and begin to live from your highest self so you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Here’s what you’ll receive from me each week when you sign up for the Love & Mindfulness Self Care Sanctuary:

  • LIVE + Recorded meditations & teachings such as
    • self compassion to help release anxiety & stress & connect you to the wellspring of unconditional love inside you
    • loving kindness to cultivate love for yourself and others 
    • guided yoga nidra/full body relaxation practices that will release any tension from the day, and deeply relax you. Sweet dreams…
    • practices to center and ground you during this uncertain time
    • teachings on topics such as self care, love, compassion, mindfulness, & accessing inner strength & wisdom
  • LIVE + Recorded mindfulness classes 
    • Livestream Sacred Self Care Sunday mindfulness classes to connect to your body, open your heart, let go of tension and stress, and come home to yourself just as you are, provided exclusively for my online community of students!
    • You’ll also receive lifelong access to the recordings so that you can practice anytime.

Join the Love & Mindfulness Self Care Sanctuary below!

Sign up for 

The Love & Mindfulness Self Care Sanctuary!

And for just $67 you'll have unlimited, lifetime access to:

  • a LIVE mindfulness class with me every week through Aug. 27th, including a recording of each class for you to practice anytime
  • mindfulness practices to center your mind, & connect to your heart, as well as learn how to take your practice off of the mat & into your everyday life
  • full body relaxation & yoga nidra practices to release stress & help you sleep at night
  • meditations to help ground, center and connect you to your most authentic self & to the wider world 
  • inspiring & grounding teachings to keep you uplifted and centered for the rest of the summer and into the fall
  • you’ll also have access to me via email to ask questions and make requests!

There are two ways for you to join: Purchase one class or Sign up for the Package Special and Receive two classes for FREE!

Our Strong Back, Soft Front, Open Heart Love & Mindfulness Workshop is Sunday, Aug. 13th, at 12pm EST.

In Sunday's Strong Back, Soft Front, Open Heart call I'll guide you in:

❤️ a powerful meditation to reconnect with your true nature as love,
❤️ gentle movements to strengthen and soften your heart,
❤️ and a deeply healing and restorative full body relaxation

Purchase One Class

  • LIVE + Recorded 60 minute Love & Mindfulness Class
  • Opportunity to ask me questions & receive my one-on-one coaching
  • Access to the recording for one week


Package Special

  • A total of five 60 minute Love & Mindfulness Classes, including three LIVE Practices!
  • Opportunity to ask me questions & receive my one-on-one coaching
  • Lifetime access to all recordings so you can practice anytime!
  • Get two FREE classes!

If you'd like to join us be sure to sign up by 11:30am EST this Sunday!

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!