An Introduction to the Sacral Chakra

The 2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra – Swvatistana


The sanskrit word for the sacral chakra is Swvatistana, which translates as “my own sweet abode.” It refers to our ability to cherish our physical presence and to find pleasure, health, and joy.

The sacral chakra controls our physical health and well-being. It is the chakra that focuses the life force into building a strong and viable immune system, and keeping the physical body functional and active.

The sacral chakra also controls our motion and emotion, and is ruled by the water element, which is directly influenced by how we experience our emotions.

Qualities and Attributes

The essence of the sacral chakra is knowing that what we have and do is good enough. This is the center of physical procreation and the chakra directly affecting sexual maturation. It controls our appetites for food, sex, and pleasure. If we are too indulgent we burn up vital life fuel required by other systems in our body. If we hold back too much energy from the physical part of our lives, we become hungry for what we deny ourselves.

Finding the balance between control and letting go is essential for this chakra to function.

The sacral chakra is concerned with our physical well-being. This means that we learn to honor the body by giving it what it needs to thrive – nutritious food, plenty of rest, and fun, work, and exercise.

This chakra is also concerned with the quality of deservedness. When we feel that we truly deserve the good we long for, we treat ourselves well. We give ourselves permission to have the things we want.

Pleasure is another quality of the sacral chakra. It concerns our ability to receive and allow more pleasure into our lives. When we make our lives complex, we strip away the pleasure from our experiences. Finding what is simple can generate joy and pleasure, which nourish the sacral chakra.

It takes discipline and maturity to balance this chakra.

A healthy sacral chakra has defined limits that are neither too open nor too closed. Respecting these limits nourishes the life of the body and lets us know that we are enough for ourselves.


Location: Two inches below the navel and two inches into the pelvis

Age of resonance: 7-14

Shape: Pyramid

Color: Orange

Musical note: D

Type of music: Latin dance

Element: Water

Aspect of intelligence: Sensation/pleasure

Sensory experience: Taste

Essential oils: Jasmine, neroli, orange blossom

Astrological associations: Cancer, Scorpio

Metal: Tin

Earthly location: Brazil

Mythological animal: A hungry sea monster, waiting to be fed

Plant: Jasmine

Qualities: Well-being, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, abundance

Life issues: To know that who you are and what you do are enough; to have enough rest, food, exercise, fun, and money; not to link self-worth with what you do or have; to create healthy boundaries to protect your vital life force

Physical activities: Yoga, dance, swimming, walking

Spiritual activities: Meditation, celibacy, fasting


When we develop a wholesome consciousness about our physicality, we help heal and expand the sacral chakra. We also help develop reserves of vitality that can be accessed easily when we are stressed or challenged.

Giving ourselves space to express our feelings is vital to our health and well-being. What is unexpressed becomes suppressed in the deep musculature of the body. Suppressed grief goes into the lumbar region of the back, tightens the chest muscles, and constricts our breathing. Fear not only makes digestion and assimilation difficult, but it is also held in the muscles of the abdomen and mid back.

When we experience those feelings and allow them expression, we help release the body of harmful tension and stress.

Imagine what it would feel like to have high degrees of physical vitality, emotional balance, and mental clarity as well as enough energy left over to be creative and grow internally.

A wholesome lifestyle invites comfort and ease. It also includes the rigor of a healthy exercise program along with good nutrition and downtime to relax and have fun.

Experiencing a sense of well-being gives us the opportunity to love life more. With a deeper appreciation for life we naturally become spiritual beings who are grateful to receive the abundance of health, joy, and life itself.


Meditation for the Sacral Chakra

When meditating on this center it is important to experience the lower abdomen and imagine a quality of spaciousness and openness in this area of the body. Begin by imagining the bones of the pelvis acting as a basin for your vital organs and a vital link for the spine and leg joints. See the lower spine coming up through the sacrum and being able to hold the weight of your body. Feel that you are able to carry the burdens of life and still have enough mobility to move freely and sensuously.





Affirmations Meditation for the Sacral Chakra

Repeat these affirmations once every morning and once every evening to bring openness to your sacral chakra.





Sacral Chakra Journal Prompt

  • What do you need right now to take care of yourself?
  • How can you nurture and honor yourself?