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Introducing Sacred Self Care Sunday!

A sacred space for you to slow down, center, reconnect to and take care of yourself.

Sacred Self Care Sunday is a sacred space to honor your self care journey, with the support of a Sacred Self Care Coach and Sacred Self Care community of like minded folks who understand how important self care is to our individual and collective wellbeing.

Our first call is Sunday, June 11th, from 12-1pm EST, and you can join for just $10.

In this sacred space you’ll...

  • receive self care tips, tools and practices that you can use every day to come back to calm, release stress (from the body and mind), drop into your center, cultivate peace and experience ease.
  • ground and center yourself in the present moment so that you can connect to your body and drop into a place of deep stillness where you can see and feel yourself (mind, body, heart and soul) and be with what’s here with love.
  • experience a shift from self judgment to self acceptance, judgment of others to a feeling of connection, relief from pain (whether it’s mental, emotional, and/or physical) and a sense of deep rest and wellbeing.
  • have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have about self care and receive LIVE sacred self care coaching and support.
  • receive a recording of the call + the slides + a transcript of the teaching, so I encourage you to sign up even if you can’t make it LIVE!

Welcome to Sacred Self Care Sunday

Sacred Self Care Sunday will show you step-by-step how to release anxiety, stress, and self judgment and connect to calm, clarity and unconditional compassion. Join us to focus on what matters most, reclaim your wholeness, and set yourself up to experience more joy, energy, and peace this summer.

What Others Say


I come to Dani for an understanding ear and support for following my intuition and heart. She offers substantial value to others who are seeking healing.

Laura Lowery 

 / Founder & Editor of Lucia Magazine


Dani powerfully expresses simple truths and life lessons. And she has enormous empathy for the suffering of others.  She does a wonderful job of creating a safe space, which is crucial for inner exploration.

Joy Thompson

/ Owner of wholebodytherapeutics


Thank you so much, Dani! You've brought a space of refuge and grounding connection to a tough day. I love the strength and inspiration you offer, and I really appreciate your teaching!

Joya Mukerji

/ PhD Biomedical Sciences, Harvard