Live From Your Heart Workshop in August!



Beautiful friends & students, Free Your Inner Super Hero, A Yoga Workshop to Follow Your Heart, has been rescheduled for August!

I will keep you updated with the details soon!




Free Your Inner Superhero: A Yoga Workshop to Follow Your Heart



How can we be warriors of love? Superheroes of the heart? Superheroes of compassion & peace?

How do we live from our deepest power, our truest self? How do we listen to and follow the compass of our heart?

That’s what Free Your Inner Superhero, A Yoga Workshop to Follow Your Heart, is about.

Listening to your heart.

Living your truth.

In this workshop you’ll…

  • Move through a playful, creative flow to wake up your inner superhero
  • Learn how vulnerability is the source of your deepest power
  • Relax, restore and let go in luscious yin poses
  • Drop into the deep healing of yoga nidra
  • Practice living from your heart, what all true superheroes do!

Take time to explore

  • the superheroes in your life, people who inspire you to follow your heart and be true to yourself
  • what gets in the way of following your heart
  • how to reframe these obstacles into opportunities for healing, growth and deeper connection with yourself and others

When we embrace our inner superhero and celebrate what is unique to us we inspire others to do the same.

Living from our heart is the first step to creating change in our life and in the world.

No superhero costumes required. The real superhero is inside of you.



Sending you so much love <3








xo, Dani