Yoga, Mindfulness & Self Care Summer Camp

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Right now the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are more important than ever.

To help you stay healthy, motivated, calm, grounded, and connected to the inherent wisdom and compassion within you, I'm offering a unique way to continue and deepen your practice, while being connected to a virtual community of fellow practitioners, and feeling your connection to the world.

In Yoga, Mindfulness & Self Care Summer Camp you'll strengthen your body and open your heart, release anxiety and stress and return to calm, let go of what no longer serves you and begin to live from your highest self so you can be the change you want to see in the world.

As a member of Yoga, Mindfulness & Self Care Summer Camp you'll have lifetime access to my regularly updated guided online classes (I'll offer two new recorded classes a week + one live class on Sundays that will be recorded exclusively for members of the summer camp), for a total of three yoga classes a week. As well as three guided meditations, and poetry and prose carefully selected to support you during this time.

The live virtual Flow & Let Go Sunday class is also a special opportunity to connect live with me and fellow students!

Three days a week you'll receive:

  • Recorded meditations & teachings such as
    • self compassion to help release anxiety & stress & connect you to the wellspring of unconditional love inside you
    • RAIN (Recognize, Accept, Investigate, Nurture), to connect you to your heart & compassionately reveal the stories you tell about yourself & the world that cause suffering so that you can transmute that suffering into love & empowered action
    • loving kindness to cultivate love for yourself and others who are suffering so that you can be the change you want to see in the world
    • practices to center and ground you during this uncertain time
    • teachings on topics such as self care, compassion, mindfulness, social justice, interconnectedness & accessing inner strength & wisdom
  • Two pre-recorded yoga videos & one LIVE yoga class 
    • Two pre recorded yoga classes to strengthen your body, open your heart, lengthen and release your muscles and let go of tension and stress.
    • A Rejuvenate & Restore 60 minute class & a 90 minute Yummy Flow & Yin class. Both classes can be modified to support you wherever you are! Always listen to your body first.
    • And a 75 minute LIVE Flow & Let Go Sunday class with flowing playful poses and sweet relaxation that will be recorded exclusively for members of Yoga, Mindfulness & Self Care Summer Camp to practice any time!
    • For the live class I encourage you to come early and ask questions, make requests or just share what you're feeling, and/or stay after class to talk with me and others

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Yoga, Mindfulness & Self-Care Summer Camp!

And for just $67 you'll have unlimited, lifetime access to:

  • 3 yoga classes a week for a total of 13 recorded yoga classes 
  • mixed level hatha & flow classes to strengthen, stretch & release your body, center your mind, & connect to your heart, as well as learn how to take your practice off of the mat & into the world
  • restorative yin to release stress & help you sleep
  • 3 meditations a week to help ground, center and connect you to your most authentic self & to the wider world for a total of 13 recorded meditations
  • one live virtual flow & let go yoga class a week (for a total of 5 LIVE classes a week), where we meet together live on zoom to connect in person in real time
  • you’ll also have access to me via email to ask questions and make requests!

Once you sign up I'll send you an email with the link to join my private Yoga, Mindfulness & Self Care Summer Camp site where you'll receive my yoga practices, meditations, teachings, and words of wisdom I share from writers like Marie Howe, Maya Angelou, Tara Brach, angel Kyodo Williams & Jack Kornfield selected specially for this time.

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I can't wait to practice with you and to welcome you to the last month (August 2nd-30th), of this special

Yoga, Mindfulness & Self Care Summer Camp!

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