Speaking Your Truth with the Throat Chakra



The throat chakra’s attitudes all nurture a belief in the sanctity of personal expression.

This chakra becomes functional when we commit to expressing our truth to the best of our ability. Attitudes about suppressing “negative” feelings, being polite, and not rocking the boat block this chakra and weaken our life force.

An essential attitude is that what we say matters, and this belief in self heals this chakra.

If we grew up in a family that put down what we said, then speaking up for ourselves is important to us. Communicating from the depth of integrity gives us credibility and constancy and defines mature adults who can be trusted and mean what they say.

When we honor our personal truth and say how we feel, we grow internally. We detach from the need to please others and learn to nurture the spirit. This is transformation that is congruent with maturity and psychological development.

Affirming our worth and honoring the choices we have personally made for happiness, health, and our welfare lets others know we are worthy of consideration.

Speaking up, no matter how difficult it may seem, gives us confidence in who we are and conserves our vitality and integrity.

Communicating your truth is how others will come to know your thoughts and feelings. Express the best of yourself with those who value who you are and respect you for your willingness to share yourself.




May I Know What I Know Meditation

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Throat Chakra Journal Prompts

These journal prompts are a fantastic way to practice speaking and communicating what is true for you right now, being honest, open and compassionate with yourself. The more we express and acknowledge our truth to ourselves the more we can release limiting patterns or behaviors, and the more intimate and loving we can be with ourselves and others.

Are you open, clear and honest in your communication with others?

Do you express your feelings with ease?

Do you remain silent when you know you have something to contribute to others’ lives?