Step Closer 

            and be free of anxiety + experience greater calm, healing, and love

Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most pervasive of all disorders worldwide?

Or that the pervasive expression of our PTSD culture is anxiety?

Does this sound familiar?

Feeling tense? Nervous? On edge?

A sense of dread. Overthinking. Restlessness. Difficulty concentrating. Sleeplessness. Or projections. Such as my friend didn't reply to my text, so she must be upset with me.

That's something I'm very familiar with. I project my fear on to people (especially those who mean the most to me), pretty much every week! 

I don't think of myself as an anxious person. But I do know that I can't separate myself from the world I live in. And the world I live in is filled with violence, blame, polarity, anger, projection, insecurity, aggression. All you have to do is turn on the news to immediately feel, see, and hear it. 

The world I live in is also fast paced. We're constantly on the go. And rewarded for it. For being busy. For getting things done. For sacrificing our self care.

The practice I'm about to share, that I learned from Tara Brach, isn't about getting rid of anxious feelings or changing the nature of the world we live in with all its pressures and aggression and hyper activity.

This is a practice to awaken your full potential. To realize who you are beyond feelings of anxiety, restlessness, overwhelm, stress, sleeplessness, fatigue, burn out, edginess. To realize who you are beyond overthinking and projection.

It's a practice to give you a taste, a glimmer, of the tenderness of love and awake-ness that you really are.

And within this field of love and awake-ness there's room for the edginess, the anxious feelings, for projection and overthinking.


I invite you to step closer with me.

If you trust you’re the ocean you’re not afraid of the waves.

The deep transformation that’s possible around anxiety is to let anxiety be a portal to shift our sense of who we are.

We become the ocean and there’s waves but there’s room for them.

Are you familiar with the phrase "No mud, no lotus"? 

If there’s no aggravating energies that we’re learning to be with we don’t discover the presence that can be so wide open and awake.

It’s not how do you numb it out, but how can it be a portal for awakening?

XO, dani