3 Simple Practices to Be Free of Anxiety & Fatigue

How to Feel Grounded & Centered Every Day

Return to love morning meditation

As soon as you get up find a place to sit that feels relaxing, settle yourself in (if you're in a chair make sure your feet are on the floor), press play and begin your day feeling grounded, centered, present and connected to love (instead of fear).

Even if you’ve never meditated before, just a few minutes a day can help reduce any stress or anxiety you may be carrying in your heart.

Grounding midday pause

One of the most powerful and effective (and super easy) ways to prevent chronic stress is to take mini pauses throughout your day.

Begin with this grounding midday pause.

Again simply find a comfortable seat (or you can do this standing), hit play, and feel the stress melt away...!

Surrender to sleep Relaxation

The biggest mistake most of us make is not giving ourselves time to unwind in the evening, which makes getting a good night's sleep (essential to our health and wellbeing and the reduction of stress and anxiety) almost impossible!

So this evening commit to releasing tension from the day and feeling fully relaxed in the evening so that you can fall asleep easily, sleep soundly, and wake up refreshed!

End your day with this surrender to sleep relaxation. Lie down anywhere that feels comfortable and just hit play.

I hope that these 3 simple practices help you find freedom from anxiety & fatigue...

...And feel calm, centered, and present so that you can start and end your days with ease.

I'm also including an extra bonus, one of my favorite yoga classes, Root to Rise, to help you feel grounded, calm and connected to your body. 

I help folks doing good in the world be free of anxiety, self-doubt and exhaustion...

...so that they can experience more ease, confidence and joy while making a bigger impact..

Dani dunckley, MA, RYT, Sacred Self Care Coach