Don’t just take my word for it!

Here are a few testimonials from my students:

Dani was my first and is my favorite yoga instructor!”
          ~ Dan Druliner
Dani is a great yoga teacher.”
          ~ James Weber
Dani speaks in one of the most mesmerizing and compassionate voices I have ever heard in a yoga teacher. When she lived in Seattle I loved attending her classes.”
          ~ Laura Lowery
just a quick note to say how much I’m loving the yoga immersion. And just doing yoga w/ you again! I think the classes are great and I was really impressed w/ your website ~ it’s a lot of content + looks beautiful. I think you’ve done a great job. I’ve been sleeping better and feeling looser. thx so much, dani!”
          ~Julia Mitchell


Thank you, Dani! I’m struggling a bit with work anxiety & friendship/relationship hopes & fears (… and I keep coming back to breathing and focusing on what I love instead of what I fear.) I’ve sat with your meditation twice each day yesterday and today, and it helps. Thank you!”

~anonymous beautiful student

Dear Dani, Thank you for such a thoughtful, energizing and yet restful practice yesterday! Particularly appreciated was your periodic reminder that whatever you demonstrated and offered, we were free to vary our practice as needed. Your mindful instruction is always much appreciated! I benefit from your tutelage, as always. Namaste.”

         ~Boon Goh


THANK YOU so much for all you committed to make these four weeks happen. I loved the Yoga Immersion Experience.”

          ~ Kathy Egawa