Reconnect to Your Inner Compass with
                  The Four Directions Practice

In a world where we are encouraged to overextend ourselves and keep doing more and more, it's easy for an occasion like the Autumn Equinox to get lost. But this is a powerful time to reflect, to rest, and to simply be here now.

The Four Directions Practice is one of my favorite ways to do that.

Here's a little bit about The Four Directions, a practice derived primarily from Native American traditions.

In many Native American traditions each season represents particular aspects that help balance and nourish each of us.

The Spring, or the East, is the place of new beginnings, the dawn of a new day, and birth. This season is represented by the color yellow, like the sunrise. Spring represents innocence, trust, vulnerability, wonder and curiosity. In the Spring seeds push their way through the earth, and much of the wild world is in bloom. This is a tender and vulnerable time that requires tending and nurturing.

In order for new life and new beginnings to grow and blossom they must be tended to and nurtured. This is also true for your dreams, ideas or ways of being that you hope to give birth to. So take time to nurture and tend to what you want to see blossom and bloom.

The next season is Summer, or the South.

In many Native traditions Summer is the seat of fire. Although fire can be destructive, it also has the power to transform.

In Native teachings fire is sacred, and represents spirit. The South is represented by faith, trust and humility. The lessons of the South can be challenging and swift, and may at times feel overwhelming. Take a deep breath and give yourself time to process the changes that occur during this fiery season!

How are you with the three qualities of faith, trust and humility? Can you see where in your own experience the lessons of summer and the South point to each of them?

Then there is Autumn, the season we just entered, represented by the West. This season represents the cave and the womb. We enter the cave to release and let go of what no longer serves us, to turn inward and ground, and to reap the harvest of Summer's abundance. What changes occurred for you during the Summer? What transitions and new growths and beginnings were nurtured? What fires burned? Can you sit with all of that now as the Fall settles in?

Additionally West is home to the Thunder Beings that bring the cleansing and nurturing rains of life. Water is also the symbol for emotions. While in the cave we have the opportunity to experience and release emotion.

Because of its creative potential the cave is a powerful place. Give yourself permission to enter the cave as needed to renew and nurture new life within you.

And finally there is winter, the North. Our grandparents and elders in physical and spiritual form reside in the North. The North is the place of giving back, or sharing your wisdom with others. It is also a place of healing. 

The buffalo is the totem animal of the North. When the buffalo lays down its life the people are sustained. Every part of this splendid creature is used when this happens. Nothing is ever wasted. The buffalo teaches us the power of surrender, and giving back.

Each season compliments and builds upon the other. What you gestate in the West is developed in the North, and is then birthed in the East and comes into fullness in the South.

You then come full circle to the West once again where you now reap or harvest what you gestated, developed, gave birth to and nourished into fullness during the previous seasons of the year.

It is a full and complete cycle.

To reconnect to your inner compass, or to strengthen that connection, I invite you to practice The Four Directions meditation and journal prompts below:

The Four Directions Journal Prompts

The Power of the NorthWhat do you need to complete? What needs healing in the body?

The Power of the WestHow can you deepen your intuitive knowing? Are you taking time to reflect and quiet your mind?

The Power of the East: How are you bringing joy and play into your life? Are you willing to be open to the new?

​The Power of the SouthAre your relationships making you happy? What is your relationship to self-love?​​​​​​​​

Did you enjoy this practice? Would you like more?

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Thank you for being here, and for taking time to take care of your beautiful self!


Dani, Self Care Coach, Teacher and Guide