Welcoming Abundance with the Sacral Chakra



A chakra resembles a large cone and is divided into three sections: the outer lip, the body, and the tip, containing the seeds of our destiny.

The outer lip of the chakra acts as a filter to our daily exchanges with our surroundings. If our feelings remain unexpressed, this energy accumulates and congests our energy system. This is what is called energetic dross, and it builds up, causing symptoms of fatigue, aging, and illness.

The main body of the chakra is made up of a fine web of etheric energy. It is composed of the warp and weave of our thoughts and attitudes. If we feel a particular way about something, it will affect how we respond emotionally and, therefore, energetically.

At the very core (or tip) of the chakra is the seed of our destiny.

This seed cannot be opened until our negativity and self-limiting ideas have been removed, because they block our energy. Once we begin the inner work of affirming our being and honoring who we are, our destiny begins to unfold. Life changes for us in palpable ways. There are more of the good things we enjoy: more love, more abundance, more awareness.

As we affirm our worth and our choices for health, abundance, and ease, life responds to what we think about ourselves.

People who do affirm themselves find that life does become easier and there is enough. Energy follows thought, and, as we open ourselves to what is good and positive, destiny unfolds as it was meant to.

Health, joy, prosperity, and well-being emerge out of knowing that we deserve the life we say we want.



The sacral chakra is the seat of pleasure and well-being. When we are not experiencing these emotions frustration builds. When feelings emerge, they are often about what we desire or what we lack. This can be for love, sex, money, and joy.

Learning to be grateful for what we have releases much of the frustration or sense of loss held in this chakra. We can learn to sublimate this energy into a balanced lifestyle that is focused on a positive emotional expression of what we have and do, and is open to the abundance all around and within us.

When our sacral chakra is balanced and aligned, our connections to creativity, joy, and abundance are constant.


Abundance Meditation

This abundance meditation can help you open your heart and mind to all of the great abundance that surrounds you now, and to all of the great abundance that is patiently waiting to be received by you. A sweet way to begin or end the day.



Sacral Chakra Journal Prompts

Explore your relationship to abundance with these sacral chakra queries…

How abundant is your life?

Are you able to create a sense of balance between what you have and what you want?

Can you relax enough to partake in a celebration of life to give thanks for all you see and enjoy?



The sacral chakra is located in the pelvic area, and since the hips make up the pelvic girdle, I’m including a 26 minute Hip Hip Hooray Yoga Fix (or practice), to help you open your hips. 🙂