Yoga Immersion

Have you ever thumbed through a retreat center catalog, perused the offerings for a weekend, week or month-long course, and thought, “If only?”

If so, this Yoga Immersion Experience is for you.  

Drawing upon my experiences during a month-long teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of western MA, I’ve designed this yoga course so that you will feel the breadth and depth of this wise, transformative practice.  

Morning meditations will set the tone for your day.  

Mid-day “yoga fixes” will bring you back to center.  

Live classes will bring you to your mat for grounding, strengthening and exploration of asana.  

Poetry offerings will invite you to go within and bring to light your true self.  

Classes are for 4 weeks, from Monday September 11th-Friday October 6th.

Each week of our month-long journey into yoga includes the following:

  • 3 10 minute guided morning meditations, grounding your body & centering your mind, leaving you ready to take on whatever challenges come your way
  • 3 Mid-day 15 minute “yoga fixes” focusing on specific parts of the body. For example: Nurturing Neck & Softening Shoulders, Lower Back & Belly Love, Happy Hips & Hamstrings 🙂
  • 3 live 60 minute Yummy Flow & Yin classes offered M & F at 7pm, & Wednesday at 5pm PST to help you drop deeper inside & let go of the day
  • Moon Salutations offered on the full moon
  • A free exclusive FB group to share thoughts, suggestions, musings, & to foster a sense of community with your fellow students
  • Each week we will focus on a different theme: grounding, core strength, creativity, letting go…
  • Course also includes a journal workbook (in e-format) to help guide you through your yoga immersion
  • All classes will be recorded & you will have lifelong access to all of the materials in this course!

This month-long immersive experience in yoga will encourage you to pause, reflect, renew, and allow the transforming power of yoga to unfold in body, mind, and heart.  

Please join me for a virtual yoga retreat that will bring you greater strength, clarity, ease, and joy.