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Making the Mental Shift: 4 Weeks to Greater Balance, Calm & Grounding

Dear beautiful students & friends,

Thank you so much for watching our Invitation Video!

We hope you’ll join us on our journey to Making the Mental Shift: 4 Weeks to Greater Balance, Calm & Grounding.

To begin that journey here are our two free gifts:

Joy’s Grounding Meditation

For our Grounding Meditation, it’s important to pause for a moment and look at the meaning of the word, “ground.”

It’s the earth upon which we stand; it’s the firm foundation for the place we call home.

Just saying the word can invoke a sense of stability and security, or perhaps an image of something firm and solid.

In this meditation, we’re going to look at another definition of “ground.”  The ground we refer to is a “basis for belief or action,” and “a fundamental and logical conclusion.”

Read those definitions once again, and let the words sink into your psyche.

“A basis for belief or action.”  “A fundamental and logical conclusion.”  How marvelous would it be to move through your day, supported by an unwavering sense of being grounded?

For this Grounding Meditation, you’ll need 10 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time, a sturdy chair to sit on, and perhaps a thin pillow and rolled-up towel for support.  So kick off your shoes, and let’s begin…



Dani’s Yoga Fix for Balance, Calm & Grounding

It is so important that we take time to slow down.

Slow down our thoughts, slow down our breath.

Slow down into our body, into the earth.

Slow down into our parasympathetic nervous system, into a place of rest and digestion and healing. We spend most of our time in the sympathetic nervous system, in fight or flight, which leads to disease, anxiety & distress in our lives.

Taking time to slow down and ground as well as consciously drop into our parasympathetic nervous system is one of the most powerful and healing practices for our bodies, and our life.

In this place of rest we return to wholeness, peace, stillness and calm.

We return to balance, or homeostasis, which is the definition of health.

We hope this Yoga Fix for Balance, Calm & Grounding brings some extra sweetness and relaxation into your day.

Can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Reserve your space here 🙂 to join us in Making the Mental Shift: 4 Weeks to Greater Balance, Calm & Grounding!

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